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This is the AnkerWork PowerConf B600 webcam

Anker has developed this all-in-one camera model PowerConf B600, designed for extensive use but, above all, for work. The compact format set integrates a 2K camera, 3 long-range microphones with VoiceRadar technology (voices isolated in noisy environments), speakers and an LED light bar. Connected via USB-C it can be used for video calls and conferences in major apps for business use. The 2K camera offers autofocus, a wide viewing angle, and image enhancements such as brightness and color temperature by AI.

product values

The firm AnkerWork has presented its first video conferencing bar with integrated lighting for hybrid work, which is characterized by a compact design that allows it to be placed on an external monitor. It combines a 2K camera, four microphones, speakers and integrated lighting for use in both the office and home telecommuting.

It can be used with most current video conferencing platforms, provides adequate video and sound quality through VoiceRadar technology that, when combined with the beamforming dynamic and an AI algorithm enables clear calls full duplex in noisy environments.

Note that the camera offers auto focus, angle of view adjustment and image enhancements, while using MagicSight technology for automatic lighting adjustments, including brightness and color temperature.

Design and configuration

It is built with premium quality materials. On the back, two USB-C ports are integrated, necessary for power and image transmission, as well as a USB-A port that will serve as a dock. In the configuration, it integrates textiles to let the sound of the integrated speakers come out well.

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A mobile base has been designed to attach the camera to the top of any screen, and or to any type of standard mobile phone or camera mount.

On the front there is a lighting LED that opens with a hinge and protects the lens. On the sides there are two touch buttons for the microphone and lighting.

Technical characteristics

It has an adjustable 2K resolution sensor, capable of 30 images per second. The sensor size is 1/2.8 inches and it has an automatic exposure system, an automatic white balance system, an automatic focus and a person detection and tracking function.

It integrates four bidirectional microphones along with two 2W speakers each that provide stereo sound in the conversation. Auto Echo Cancellation and sound cancellation for calls are added, allowing only the voice to be heard.

Their software It allows you to adjust three viewing angles of 68º, 78º and 95º, as well as select between three capture qualities between the different resolutions, passing through the possibility of adjusting the FPS, activating and deactivating the focus, HDR and an Anti-Flicker function.

Especially useful is its LED lighting system that allows adjustment between cold and warm tones.

It has VoiceRadar, an external noise cancellation system that clarifies with very good results the performance of the call.

It has the Solo Frame system, specific monitoring of the person, keeping them in the foreground.

Features Summary

All-in-one video equipment: Integrate camera, speaker, microphone and light in one camera powered by AI.

Integrates VoiceRadar, the 4-microphone array of this video conferencing camera allows the other side’s words to be heard without background noise. It allows an optimal level of listening thanks to dual high definition and low distortion speakers, made with a specialized silk membrane.

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Video conference camera with a built-in 2K resolution to display colors well.

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MagicSight technology automatically adapts so the speaker is seen optimally even in low-light environments.

Price, about 300 euros.

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