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This is the first Mediterranean corridor for electric trucks

Large vehicles with heavy loads, with the need to travel long distances. These are some of the needs of truck fleets, so their transition to electricity as an energy source requires a specific infrastructure. On the other hand, the logistics sector has been surprised by the phenomenon of electronic commerce, which in the last five years has grown at an almost frenetic pace. The so-called last mile depends on this sector, that is, the delivery of the product to the customer with all the difficulties that this entails. A type of transport that is perfectly adapted to the use of 100% electric trucks and vans.

To provide coverage for this type of heavy trucks and promote “zero emissions”, Iberdrola and Disfrimur have launched the first electrification project of the Mediterranean corridor for the transport of goods by road, which will allow accelerating the decarbonisation of a sector that It is strategic for the national economy since 96% of the merchandise transported in Spain is by road and it is responsible for 25% of the greenhouse effect emissions in its area.

Both companies have inaugurated specific charging points for trucks at the Disfrimur logistics bases located in Sangonera la Seca (Murcia) and San Isidro (Alicante) next to the A-7, which in the first phase have two 180-kilowatt chargers (kW) of power in each facility. The charging points will be for public use, so they will also be available for trucks and vans from other companies, as well as light vehicles.

The second phase of the project, planned for 2024, will allow the addition of a 1,200 kW MCS (Megawatt Charging System) charger at each of the bases, which will facilitate the charging of trucks with batteries of more than 600 kWh in about 30 minutes, similar time to the mandatory rest stops. Currently, Iberdrola and Ingeteam, the Spanish company specializing in power electronics, are developing the first commercial charger with this technology that will allow such high charging speeds, essential for the electrification of long-distance freight transport, or to provide services merchandise distribution 24/7.

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These facilities that have just been put into operation are added to the ultra-fast charging station that Iberdrola has in Elche, the charging hub for electric vehicles with the highest power in Southern Europe, which also has specific parking spaces for trucks in the kilometer 25 of the A-70 highway in both directions, with powers of 400 kW and 200 kW, for which the company already provides service for a stretch of approximately 100 kilometers.

Thus, the first milestones for the creation of the Mediterranean corridor for 100% electric road transport have been met, which will run through the Region of Murcia and the Valencian Community, and which will allow the movement of heavy vehicles between Puerto Lumbreras and Vinaròs, more than 450 kilometers of emission-free freight transport routes with the aim of extending the project to the rest of the country’s corridors in the coming years.

Disfrimur already has two 27-ton Scania trucks and a 40-ton Volvo trailer in service with which it covers the route from the San Isidro logistics base to Alicante and from Sangonera la Seca to Murcia, powered by 100% renewable electricity, making it that allows them to carry out the last mile delivery to their customers without any type of issue. In addition, the company plans to continue adding electric trucks to its fleet.

It should be noted that the users of these facilities will recharge the battery of their electric cars with 100% green energy, from renewable generation sources, with a guarantee of origin certificate (GdOs) and the charging points will be located in the Public Recharge App Iberdrola, from which you can geolocate the charger, check its operation in real time and book and pay from your mobile.

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