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This is the first prototype of Optimus, Tesla’s humanoid robot that we could all have at home

This is what the first prototype and the first commercial version of Tesla’s Optimus humanoid robot looks like and could be in your home as soon as 2023.

The day has come, specifically at AI DAY 2022 itself. Tesla held a few hours ago in Palo Alto, and where we already know Optimus, that imposing robot Tesla humanoid that Elon Musk trusts to be in every home and cost less than a car.

And during the event we have known a first version of Tesla’s humanoid robot, called Optimuswhich does absolutely nothing but could do everything once it is released over the next few years, and could have a first version in production as early as 2023.

The event began with the presentation of a first functional prototype of the humanoid robot, first showing Bumble Ca first version developed with semi-standard actuators and that will serve as a test bench for the first Tesla robot developed with internal parts.

During his presentation we saw the robot walk and greet the crowd and little else, although the company took the opportunity to show some short videos where the robot was seen reviewing some tasks in a controlled environment to demonstrate some usefulness.

After showing off the Bumble C, several company workers brought the robot on stage. First generation Optimusa robot that could not do anything, not even walk, but at least greeted the public.

Elon Musk He clarifies that the robot should be able to walk in the next few weeks but he wanted to show it already today and this would be the first version of the robot that would go into production.

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This version is equipped with Tesla-designed actuators, battery packs and power electronics. He also mentions that he has a 2.3 kWh battery pack that could be enough for a whole day of work. Inside it is equipped with the same autonomous computer found in Tesla vehicles.

Elon Musk has clarified that while people have already seen many humanoid robots, Optimus is totally different because it is focused on high volume manufacturing.

Leveraging Tesla’s autonomous technology

The executive also adds that his robot will work with its own artificial intelligence that they have developed mainly for autonomous driving technology. They say that Tesla could take advantage of this work already done so that the robot can navigate the real world and perform multiple tasks.

One of the highlights of the event is that Musk pretends that his robot, at least in the first version, cost less than $20,000and could go into production as early as 2023.

We will see if the first version of Tesla’s humanoid robot Optimus manages to reach the public over the next year, a date perhaps too early in view of the fact that the robot cannot even move by itself and the few movements that the first has shown prototype have been quite crude.

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