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This is the GXT 834 Callaz keyboard, from Trust

For all gamer, having a good keyboard, which combines resistance, reliability and style, is essential for your games, as well as for optimal performance during the game. To meet these needs, the company Trust has recently launched the mechanical keyboard GXT 834 Callaz.

Mechanical keyboards are one of the most appreciated options by gamers due to the durability and robustness they offer, the special touch of the keys, how precise they can be and how fast they respond.

In this scenario, Callaz provides, in addition to the general advantages mentioned above, easy maintenance and high customization capacity.

The advantages of configuration

TKL keyboards (tenkeyless) are characterized by not integrating numeric keys in the right area, so they take up less space on the desktop. This configuration allows the player to use the mouse more widely and, therefore, have greater freedom in movement.

Being a mechanical keyboard, it offers greater speed and precision, since it has quick response switches Outemu Network up to 50 million keystrokes, more resistant and sensitive.

For its part, its adaptive mechanical switches, including 11 direct access keys, make it very durable. All this with an attractive design based on multicolor backlight in 6 fixed colors and with 20 modes to combine, plus adjustable brightness and speed.

Characteristics and values

This keyboard connects to your computer via USB, making installation easy and gaming without the latency of wireless keyboards, making it fast and accurate. Its responsiveness is about 8 ms and the key travel distance is 4 mm, with a pressure force of 47 g.

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As has been verified in the tests carried out on the equipment, one of its greatest advantages is the compact size derived from TKL design and no number pad, leaving more desk space for additional peripherals. It is therefore a comfortable and transportable equipment, weighing about 659 grams.

Also note that thanks to a superior metal plate, it is prepared for intense gaming sessions. And don’t forget that it has quick response switches that allow up to 50 million keystrokes and 11 shortcut keys.

response in use

The GXT 834 Callaz mechanical keyboard with TKL functionality combines functionality and comfort for the gamer, and its compact design must be valued (like 20% of gamers according to a GFK study).

Thanks to the top metal plate, this keyboard is prepared for long gaming sessions and offers optimal possibilities for optimal gaming performance.


The keyboard is for sale at a price of €44.99.

Summary of benefits

Outemu mechanical linear switches feature up to 50 million keystroke durability for hours of intense sessions gaming.

It features a compact design without a numeric keypad that saves space and reduces desktop clutter, yet offers a full-size gaming experience with 12 multimedia keys.

A metal top plate gives it a sleek, professional look.

The combined mechanical switches and metal plate prepare the keyboard to be sturdy.

Related news

Multi-color backlit keys, with 20 colors and 6 color modes, let you customize the keyboard to suit your mood, gaming style, or personal desire. Rainbow wave lighting, with adjustable brightness and speed, adds versatility to the gaming environment.

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Connectivity type: USB 2.0

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