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This is the Heyplus Watch, accessible and with advanced features

Smart watches have become a common piece of personal technological equipment, their easy connection with the mobile and their ability to offer increasingly complete and precise information on the physical state of the user and the environment, has opened the door to their full acceptance. They are already a bestseller in the market. From the commercial company Powerplanetonline comes the Heyplus Watch model where it can be purchased at a price of around 80 euros.


The device has a 1.78” AMOLED screen with a square structure and framed in an aluminum body, with a breathable silicone strap that can be easily replaced with a 22mm universal one. The weight is light since it is around 36 grams. With measurements of 47.9 mm long, 35.8 mm wide and about 10.3 mm thick, it stands out for integrating the cardiac sensor, SpO2, movement sensor and a battery with autonomy greater than 7 days in intensive use. It is IP68 certified with resistance to water and dust.


It is presented with a 2.5D tempered glass with gently curved corners and well seated to an anodized aluminum frame. Add a side control button. The rest of the body is a matte black plastic shell. The strap is flexible and comfortable in the fit.

screen and display

It is 1.78-inch AMOLED with a resolution of 368 x 448p, generating a density of 326 dpi and, consequently, optimal visibility. Its screen/body ratio is over 70%, offering 24-bit color depth and 100% NTSC coverage.


A strong point of the equipment is the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, very stable and that makes it possible to receive alerts for incoming calls, messages or notifications, and even control music playback or find the mobile. Allows synchronization of health data and fitness through the app heyplus and observe detailed graphs with the evolution of different parameters.

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The clock interface is available in Spanish with a management that uses gestures in the 4 directions for access to different functionalities. An outstanding fact is that it supports spheres with animated backgrounds.

health monitoring

It has a heart rate sensor with continuous monitoring capacity, an SpO2 blood oxygen meter, a motion sensor to count steps when you move your arm, and an intelligent sleep quality monitor.

Includes a total of 10 training modes that are managed from its internal memory. And in the apps there is a list of up to 100 different activitiessome of which can be loaded into the watch.

It allows continuous monitoring of the distance traveled and measurement of steps, with indication of calories burned. It has a warning system for sedentary lifestyle, hydration and high pulse alerts. It has a stopwatch, alarm and timer, weather forecast and a small breathing assistant to relax.

Autonomy and charging

Autonomy is another of the strong points of the model, thanks to a 305 mAh battery, which manages more than 20 days of autonomy, depending on the use we make of the equipment. Full charge cycle is 1.5 hours.

Featured Values

This Heyplus Watch is an example of a good watch in which autonomy stands out. We can reach 15 days in sports use, and more than 20 in normal use, with a good charging base and a simple, intuitive and quite complete operating system. Highlight the good visibility of its 1.78” AMOLED screen.

It is a comfortable and light watch, resistant thanks to a metal frame. Another advantage is the IP68 certification, which protects it against water and dust.

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Fitness and health monitoring is complete with up to 100 sport types and good heart rate and SpO2 sensors.

Optimal value for money.

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