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This is the JYA Fjord Pro purifier

Still immersed in a pandemic phase and at a time of hard times for allergy sufferers, it is a good option to think about the benefits of an air purifier. In the last two years the offers have proliferated and two models of the firm have recently arrived on our market JYA the fjord and the Fjord-Pro.

Breathing cleaner air is the proposal of this renowned firm to keep the health of the family protected. To achieve this, the smart air purifier Jya Fjord Pro uses an advanced set of technologies and three-layer filter that is capable of removing the 99.99% of contaminants of the spaces of the house.

Featured Technology

To help optimize smart homes, Jya has risen above the industry standard with novel filtration technology and dedicated sensors, providing a smart yet comfortable experience. handcrafted. They are the work of the group Smartmi pioneer in the Chinese market that has received international awards such as IF Design and Red Dot.

The company’s most powerful equipment, the Pro, is recommended for medium and large rooms, up to 65 m2. This is due to its ability to supply up to 550 m3 of clean air per hour, as well as remove harmful gases by up to 250 m3 per hour.

taking care of health

The Jya Fjord Pro has a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 550m³/h, cleaning the air up to 62㎡. This means that large amounts of air are recycled every minute with NanoGuard, an activated carbon filtration technology that filters out particles and absorbs VOCs as small as 0.1 μm and sterilizes invisible harmful substances. Protects against 99.95% of bacteria, viruses, pollen, formaldehyde and smoke, giving the device convincing performance and optimal purification.

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Air quality monitoring

It has a very precise IAQ sensor, which allows the user to be informed of the level of air quality: excellent or unhealthy, through dynamic LED lights.

Comprehensive indoor climate status information is also displayed on an HD OLED touch screen with touch controls that toggle between different stats, making it easy to know how clean the house is and to switch between different modes.


It uses a filter that works in three stages: a pre-filter to trap dust, pollen and dander; a second layer with Nanoguard technology, which retains the smallest particles, down to 0.1 μm, such as some viruses and bacteria; and, finally, a film of activated carbon, capable of neutralizing odors and harmful gases.

applied intelligence

The model is set up to automatically deliver the best purification results. It quickly detects the presence of contaminants indoors with its sensors that dynamically and automatically adjust operating speed. In short, the Jya Fjord Pro, after detecting the main air pollutants, proceeds to eliminate them automatically. Specifically, it monitors the presence of PM2.5 particles, PM10 particles, TVOC (gas), temperature and humidity.


night use

One of the advantages is that it can be used without disturbing you at night, since it has a whisper mode that emits a noise of only 34 dB. It can also be easily moved from one room to another as it has four hidden wheels that slide on all types of surfaces.


The equipment configuration provides two simple options. One is through the OLED touch screen, from which you can manually change and adjust purification modes and manage filters. As the purifier is compatible with the main voice assistants, it can be controlled from the mobile or with smart speakers.

Added values

The Fjord pro design is very elegant and inspired by the Norwegian fjords.

It integrates super quiet NanoGuard technology to provide purification without noise.

It has an air flow of 550 m3/h for rooms up to 62 square meters.

Monitors air quality in real time through a PM 2.5 and PM10 COV particle sensor, monitors temperature, humidity and pollution.

Integrates HEPA 13 + Carbon Filter to eliminate pollen, bacteria, viruses, and bad odors.

Related news

Provides a smart apps “Smartmi Link” compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.

Price and availability

Fjord Pro is now available in our marketplace for about 499 euros.

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