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This is the list of celebrities who have denounced Raúl de Molina for alleged abuse in recent days

Raul de Molina, driver The fat and the skinny, continues to give something to talk about after several famous people spoke out against the “Fat”For allegedly having felt abused at some point. Apparently, some of these artists, the vast majority, have felt that Raúl “has lost his hands” when they have been as guests in the show business of Univision. Here is the list of celebrities who have singled out the Cuban.

The singer Virggi López.

The Venezuelan assured in the show business program “Chisme No Like”That at some point he attended the program that Raúl leads with his partner Lili Estefan precisely to promote an album she was releasing and they invited her to get into the jacuzzi with “El Gordo”. Suddenly she felt a hand touching her improperly. According to the artist, it was Raúl’s hand, which she perceived three times.

The Mexican Lucía Méndez.

The singer and actress also told Javier Ceriani Y Elisa beristain that she attended the Univision show and that, when she entered the studio, she raised her arms and that supposedly “El Gordo” grabbed her bubbles. He also assured that As soon as they left the studio, he complained to the presenter: “Hey, Gordo, what’s wrong with you, what’s up?…. Why so commanded, what’s up? I’m not in that one ”. But that the truth for her is something that was left in the past while she invited all the current victims of the Me Too Latino to raise your voice.

The singer Graciela Beltrán.

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This is perhaps the one that has been the most explicit of all the remarks towards Raúl de Molina. She assured that at some point “El Gordo” approached her to apologize and supposedly make amends after having made some other criticisms and previous jokes about the artist. However, things did not go as expected and Raúl picked her up in the air, she was wearing a miniskirt and when she turned it, almost everyone and according to the artist could see under her skirt.

“… At the time I claimed him. I do not like that they are showing me my private parts, nor that they are touching my body or hitting a man when he does not even ask for my permission, right? … “, Graciela asserted.

Some who have been named by other famous and who have supposedly felt uncomfortable are Thalia Y Lorena herrera. Maripily rivera She was also interviewed by “Gossip No Like”, but she assured that she never felt abused or anything and that she had never seen those images until now.

On the other hand, what these three testimonies have in common is that they all have said that Raúl de Molina has subsequently apologized to them and none of them have spoken of taking legal measures. On the contrary, they have assured that this is part of the past of each one and that they plan to leave it there.

Meanwhile, Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain remain strong in their fight in favor of “Me Too Latino”And they have let all the celebrities who have been abused within the Hispanic entertainment industry know that the program they host will support them and that they are not afraid to speak up. They are convinced that the media are changing in part to the endeavor that has put this pair to such an arduous task.

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