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This is the list of the 48 countries that Russia considers hostile

Russia has approved a list of nations it considers “hostile”among which he has included all the European Union countries (EU), in addition to territories such as United States, Japan or Canada. This order comes after massive sanctions that Western countries have activated against Russia, as a response to the invasion of this country against Ukraine.

The country headed by Vladimir Putin has also added to the list foreign territories that, according to Moscow, commit hostile actions against Russian Federationthe Business and the citizens Russians, the Russian agency Interfax reported on Monday.

The order with the listing has been signed by the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustinand is part of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation issued on March 5, 2022 ‘On the temporary procedure for fulfilling obligations to certain foreign creditors’.

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In total, the list has 48 territories. Specifically, it includes the 27 member states of the European Unionwho have approved heavy penalties against Russia after the start of the invasion on February 24 and have announced arms shipments to the Ukrainian Army.

In addition, in the list they are defined as hostile countries other territories like United StatesCanada, Australia, Albania, Andorra, Britain (including the island of Jersey and other overseas territories it controls: such as the island of Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, and Gibraltar), Iceland, and Liechtenstein.

Along the same lines, Micronesia, Monaco, New ZealandNorway, Republic of Korea, San Marino, North Macedonia, Singapore, TaiwanMontenegrin, SwitzerlandJapan and own Ukraine.

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In this way, the Russian list has included Taiwanisland that Beijing claims as its own. This Monday, the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yihas underlined that the situation with Taiwan does not no parallels with what happened in Ukraine: “They are completely different in essence. Taiwan is an internal matter of China while the conflict there is one between two countries. Taiwan’s hope lies in reunification,” he said. Since the start of the war, the Chinese government has advocate for maintaining the dialogue and has measured its interventions to take care of the excellent relations with both contenders.

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