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This is the new Government of Pedro Sánchez

The current government of Pedro Sánchez.

The current government of Pedro Sánchez.

The Government of Pedro Sánchez is in remodeling. This Saturday, the Chief Executive has set to work to make changes in the Council of Ministers. At least, in the socialist sector, since the ministers of United We Can will all remain in their positions. Below we explain who will be the new faces that the Prime Minister has included in his Cabinet and who have been elected to leave the Executive.

Who enters the Government?

  • Pilar Llop: The until now president of the Senate will become Minister of Justice, replacing Juan Carlos Campo. The future minister, a judge specialized in sexist violence, developed her career in Catalonia, where she specialized in gender violence and equality, and from 2011 to 2015 she held different positions in the General Council of the Judiciary. In 2015 she entered the Madrid Assembly for the PSOE and in July 2018 she was appointed Government Delegate for Gender Violence. It was in 2019 when she became a senator by autonomous designation and elected president of the Upper House.
  • Felix Bolaños: The Secretary General of the Presidency of the Government will occupy the Ministry of the Presidency, which until now had Carmen Calvo. Bolaños, a lawyer by profession, was hardened in the Madrid PSOE and was occupying different positions in the formation. Currently, he is one of Sánchez’s most trusted men. In recent years, he has been in charge of, among other things, the dialogue with the Martínez-Bordiú Franco family during the exhumation of the dictator Franco, the construction of the coalition government and the negotiations with the PP to renew the constitutional bodies.
  • Jose Manuel Albares: The ambassador of Spain in France will be the new foreign minister, replacing Arantxa González Laya in the position. This career diplomat was Sánchez’s advisor during his first stage at the head of the PSOE and, after the arrival of the socialist leader to La Moncloa, he was appointed adviser to the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Government. However, in January 2020, when the coalition Executive conformed with United We Can, he returned to Paris as ambassador of Spain.

Who leaves the Government?

  • Carmen Calvo: Until now Prime Vice President and Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory It has been one of the first to leave the Government of Sánchez. Calvo, one of the strong women of the socialist sector of the Executive, has been the protagonist of numerous frictions with the purple in less than two years of the coalition government.
  • Juan Carlos Campo placeholder image: Just a few weeks after bringing pardons to the leaders of the ‘procés’ to the Council of Ministers, Campo will cease to be Justice minister.
  • Arantxa González Laya: González Laya will abandon the portfolio of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation. Before joining the Sánchez government, she was executive director of the United Nations International Trade Center and general undersecretary of this same organization.
  • Pedro Duque: The Spanish astronaut will leave the Ministry of Science and Innovation. He entered the Sánchez Cabinet in 2018, after the motion of censure against Mariano Rajoy, as one of the figures who surprised the most.


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