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This is the program of the Week of Inclusive Cinema and Disability in Mérida


Maria Fernandez

This Monday begins in Merida the fifth edition of the Week of Inclusive Cinema and Disability, SECINDI.

The Santo Domingo cultural center, of the CB Foundation, hosts the screenings. The festival includes a sample of feature films and a short film competition (there is an official section and one out of competition).

The objective of the event is to promote and give visibility to disability and inclusion in cinema and, at the same time, that people with different abilities can enjoy projections without barriers.

Feature films will be screened in the morning for educational centers and associations and also in the afternoon, aimed at the general public. Also 11 short films selected to compete in the official section and seven in the special section.

Monday, October 3

‘Valentina’ and ‘The Rite of Spring’

The start of the program has two proposals. At 11:30 am, the animated feature film ‘Valentina’ is screened, a girl who dreams of being a trapeze artist but believes that she will never be able to achieve it because she has Down syndrome and whose grandmother encourages her to persevere.

At 7:00 p.m., national premiere of ‘The Rite of Spring’, a film directed by Fernando Franco that tells the story between Laura, who has just arrived in Madrid, and David, a boy with cerebral palsy who lives with his mother.

Tuesday, October 4

‘To zero 5’ and ‘Easy’

The titles for the marts are ‘A cero 5’ and ‘Fácil’, which are screened at 11:30 am and 7:00 pm, respectively. ‘A cero 5’ is a documentary film by Gonzalo Suárez, who wants to be a film director and whose life stops in 2006. In this feature film, he tells his story and how he started practicing wheelchair basketball so as not to be alone, to follow his rehabilitation and for his film to move forward.

For its part, ‘Fácil’ is a series by Anna R. Costa that tells the story of four women with functional diversity who live in a sheltered flat in Barceloneta. SECINDI offers a premiere with three of its five episodes. The director will attend the screening and will participate in a subsequent discussion with the public in which she will be accompanied by the series’ producer, Sandra Hermida.

Wednesday, October 5

‘Supa mode’ and ‘Lunana, a yak at school’

The Kenyan film ‘Supa modo’, by Likarion Wainaina, is screened on Wednesday at 11:30 am. The film tells the story of Jo, a nine-year-old girl who is terminally ill with cancer and dreams of becoming a superhero.

In the afternoon, at seven, ‘Lunana, a yak at school’, a Pawo Chowning Dorji tape, is scheduled. The fiction centers on Ugyen, a young teacher from Bhutan who is sent to the most remote school in the world, a glacial Himalayan village called Lunana.

Thursday, October 6

‘Angel of my life’ and ‘Mineland’

The Secindi dedicates a day, Thursday, to the inclusive cinematography of Colombia with two feature films. At 11:30 a.m., ‘El Ángel de mi vida’ opens in Spain, a film by Yuldor Gutiérrez that tells the story of Ángel, a young man with cognitive disabilities who trains to be a great athlete, win races and achieve recognition of his father José Santos.

At 7:00 p.m., the documentary ‘Mineland’ is screened, the story of six victims of landmines in Colombia: three ex-soldiers, a former policeman, a peasant and a girl recruited by the ELN guerrillas. SECINDI offers an international premiere of this portrait of the reality of antipersonnel mines in the South American country.

Friday, October 7

Special section for short films and official section

On Friday at 11:30 am, the screening of the titles of the special section of short films will begin. They are ‘The Umbrella’, by Christophere Sánchez; ‘Pacing the pool’, by Radheya Jegatheva; ?Juegaterapia’, by Marcos Calle; ‘Memories of a dancer’, by Iván Melguizo; and ‘To swim’, a French documentary by Flore Elise Hartout. Also ‘Repeated memories’, Uzbek fiction by Soo-min park; and ‘Daida back to the ocean’, a documentary by Pablo Ramírez.

Starting at seven in the evening, the short films from the official section are screened: ‘Intentando’, by Juan Manuel Montilla ‘El Langui’; ‘Smile of the mask’, by the Iranian Abbas Ghazali; ‘Toc’, by Anatael Pérez; ‘Who’, by Carlos Martín; and ‘Bulit listens to nature’, an animated short by Mikel Urmeneta and Juanjo Elordi.

The list continues with ‘Being together’, a dance screening filmed in Austin; and ‘Günther’, by Nacho Herrera; Ray Jacobs’s ‘The Secret Life of Tom Liftfoot’; ‘Footprints’, by Héctor Gallego; ‘An elephant on the moon’, by Benjamin Bartheiemy; and ‘Opening the way’, by Ferran Calbet.

The jury is made up of the screenwriter Pablo Tobías, the production director Almudena Illoro, the director and producer Christian Ossa, the director and screenwriter Imanol Uribe, and the screenwriter Virginia Yagüe.

Secindi Inclusion and Exhibition Award

This edition awards the Secindi Inclusion Award to Juan Manuel Montilla ‘El Langui’ for his promotion of the inclusion of people with disabilities in film and television in his role as actor, musician and now director and screenwriter.

In addition to the screenings, which will feature special guests from the world of cinema such as Fernando Franco, Anna R.Costa and ‘El Langui’, until October 10 you can visit the exhibition ‘Tourism through cinema and series’ at the Santo Domingo cultural center.

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