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This is the secret to having a relaxing (and fresh) home environment

During winter, many homes lose moisture due to the heating that protects us from cold. Sometimes this causes a dry environment that is unfavorable to respiratory conditions or colds.

One device that helps us rest better is the humidifier, which improves the humidity level of the room and, therefore, softens the mucous membranes and helps open the airways. This device is usually present in homes where babies or the elderly live.

But in this case, we wanted to focus our attention on a specific humidifier. The one to which they can be added essences like eucalyptus, which helps you breathe better, or lavender, which relaxes and promotes sleep.

What is a humidifier with scents and how does it work?

A humidifier with essences is that device that fulfills its own function, that is, it increases the humidity of the environment, but to which different oils can be incorporated that provide a pleasant smell. They are used in aromatherapy or chromotherapy treatments, as some incorporate lights LED of different colors to create warm and relaxing environments.

The main difference with a traditional device is that it does not accept essences, since the oil could clog the motor or damage the plastic parts of the device.

Regarding the evaporation system, the chosen models are cold steam humidifiers through ultrasound. Unlike hot steam models, ultrasound vibrates the water until it evaporates without the need to bring it to a boil. It is less noisy, it does not condense, it does not pose a danger if we bring the hand to the steam and it consumes less watts.

Once the tank is full, just add a few drops of essences water soluble. Some models include the essences, but in most of them you have to buy them separately.

Favorite: BANLVS

The BANLVS humidifier.

The favorite essence humidifier in this comparison is from the Tenswall brand. Is about a modern and beautiful device in terms of design that will add a decorative touch to any room in the house. It looks more like a lamp than an appliance. In fact, it makes a great bedside lamp when your tank is illuminated in seven different colors that can be fixed or rotated.

Its quality / price and its benefits are what make it rank at the top. For starters, your 500 milliliter tank provides up to 10 hours of uninterrupted steam accompanied by a pleasant aroma of essential oils that are dispersed throughout the room. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essence to the water.

Another aspect highlighted by the experts is your remote control via a remote control that works up to 3 meters away. In this way, it can be turned on or off from the bed or the sofa. Although it could also be configured to turn off automatically after one, two or three hours of use. Likewise, and as a security system, it is disconnected when the tank runs out of water.

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Tenswall humidifier is suitable for spaces with sizes between 25 and 60 square meters. A tip: select the gentle mode for sleeping or napping and the strong steam flow for the living room, practicing yoga or in case you want to concentrate to study or work.

Those who have used them point out that it is ultrasilencioso. It emits only 35 decibels of sound. That is, it is barely perceptible.

A good alternative: Ckeyin

The Ckeyin humidifier.

Ckeyinh, who ranks second, not as aesthetic as the favorite with its wood effect finish, but it is compact in size and offers high performance.

Like the previous model, the humidity can be adjusted, in addition to offering an unbeatable well-being through aromatherapy and chromotherapy. It includes six types of essential oils extracted from lavender, tea, lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus, and sweet orange, as well as eight different nightlight colors.

Have a capacity of 500 milliliters that provide between 12 and 20 hours of autonomy at low power and 8-11 hours of high power steam.

its timer allows you to set the automatic shutdown at 60, 120 or 180 minutes. This function is very practical especially at night since, unlike the one chosen as a favorite, it does not include a remote control.

That is even quieter than the BANLVS, emitting only 23 decibels. To give you an idea, the noise that can be perceived in a library or in a recording studio.

Finally, it also includes a brochure with different mixtures depending on what you need at all times: breathe better, purify the air and rid it of bad odors or increase productivity while studying or working at home.

Compact and decorative: Levoit

Levoit humidifier.

There are homes in which space is conspicuous by its absence, so finding a space to place this type of appliance is difficult.

As a compact humidifier, its capacity is smaller —of 300 milliliters-, but it turns out perfect for rooms up to 30 square meters.

It lasts up to 10 hours running uninterrupted with the possibility of setting the shutdown after one, three or six hours of operation. The appliance will also turn off automatically when it runs out of water.

During the night or at times when relaxation is sought the humidifier function can be combined with that of aromatherapy and chromotherapy. Simply add your preferred water-soluble essence and choose the color you like best from a range of seven options. Unlike other devices, there is a rotary option to change the color tone randomly.

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Experts value its high technology to achieve minimal sound during operation. In this way, you will be able to sleep peacefully with the humidifier on.

Produces less than 36 dB that even babies can’t feel it’s on. It also allows you to put essential oils in an aroma box to create a scented vapor.

With WiFi: Maxcio

The Maxcio humidifier.

Lovers of new technologies and users of assistants such as Alexa or Google Home, will be delighted with the humidifier with smart essences from Maxcio.

Forget about remotes. Just sync it with your smart speaker to start all its functions through voice control, such as: adjusting the water vapor output power in two levels, setting the timer to turn off automatically at 6 or 12 o’clock or changing the color of light according to the time of day or our mood. If the water runs out, the appliance will turn off automatically.

Furthermore, cWith the Smartlife APP you can start iteven if you are not at home at the time.

Its design is very similar to that of Victsing, with an oak wood effect or ‘wenge’ to choose from.

Regarding its capacity, the 400 milliliters gives you a maximum use of up to 12 hours with a flow between 30 and 80 ml / h.

Like the rest of the models, the water evaporates through ultrasound. A cool mist technology that minimizes device noise.

Best price: Cecotec Pure Aroma Yin Yang

The Cecotec humidifier.

To finish this comparison, the Pure Aroma essence humidifier from Cecotec has been chosen. A model that also stands out for its aesthetic and decorative design with a light wood effect (Yin) or dark wood (Yang). And, of course, for its competitive price coupled with great features.

Is about an analog device that is activated via the front buttonssy has two sizes depending on the stay or the time of use.

The tank, of 150 ml, have a programmable timer up to 3 hours. Instead, the large one houses a 300 ml reservoir which gives it autonomy for 6 hours.

Otherwise, the two models have the same characteristics: Chromotherapy through 7 LED tones with adjustable brightness; ultrasound technology that evaporates water with minimal noise; and automatic shutdown when the tank runs out of water.

Suitable for adding essences of any kind, the brand recommends water-soluble ones.

Benefits of aromatherapy and chromotherapy

The aromatherapy It is achieved through essential oils that, when evaporating, provide some kind of benefit in our health.

In humidifiers that accept essences, the aromas par excellence are eucalyptus or mint, which help to breathe better in catarrhal processes or in asthmatic people. But new therapeutic plants have been incorporated such as lavender, which helps to fall asleep; vanilla or jasmine, which reduce stress and are ideal to end a hard day’s work; or the orange blossom, which improves concentration.

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If a soft light is added to a pleasant aroma, the room will be decorated with warm or cold colors, which also influence moods. For example, purple improves performance; blue works as a relaxant and helps rest; and green reduces anxiety states.

To consider

Now that we know its benefits and how they work, we will describe the main aspects to take into account to make a successful purchase.

  • The capacity. The milliliters of the tank determine the autonomy of the device. The models in this comparison have a capacity of between 300 and 500 milliliters and provide continuous use for between 6 and 20 hours depending on the power of the steam outlet flow, normally adjustable in two positions.
  • The timer. The security system of these devices means that, once the tank runs out of water, it turns off automatically. However, one of the features most appreciated by users is that it includes a programmable timer with which to choose the time of use. All the models in this comparison include this function.
  • The remote control. Simple devices are switched on, off and programmed by pressing the buttons on the front of the device. However, the more sophisticated ones incorporate a remote control with which to operate it without having to approach. There is even a model that works through smart speakers or mobile apps. This option is the most recommended when the essence humidifier is placed, for example, in a baby’s room and we want to avoid entering it in case it wakes up.
  • LED light. Some scent humidifiers feature a color-changing LED light that creates a cozy and relaxing environment. It serves as chromotherapy and can be left fixed in a certain color, disconnected or changed randomly.
  • Cleaning. Although there are models with designs that facilitate cleaning from time to time, it is common that, after a period of use, limescale remains. Experts recommend using distilled water so that the appliance does not end up clogging.


Essence humidifiers are not excessively expensive devices. There are very competitive models with prices around 20 euros. The most sophisticated, such as, for example, those that connect to smart speakers and are activated through voice, reach 50 euros. They are devices that, due to their size and design, are a very good gift option. Nobody will get in the way or spoil the aesthetics of your home.

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