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This is the secret to prepare a delicious homemade kebab in an easy and healthy way

The image of the chickens strung on a spinning shaft while they take on the toasted color of the roast it is recurrent for many generations. A classic dish to eat as a family that is often bought outside to take home.

However, the domestic alternatives of these rotary spits, allow you to enjoy not only the food itself but also its previous preparation.

We are not only talking about chicken but about meats of all kinds, skewers or much more exotic varieties such as kebab.

What are vertical rotisseries and what are they like?

It is an appliance that, as its main part, carries a skewer of remarkable size in the middle where the meat of your choice is threaded.

This skewer, driven by a motor, it rotates 360 degrees during the agreed time in order to distribute the heat evenly and leave the meat in the same point in all places.

Powerful and versatile: Oneconcept

Rostizador Oneconcept.


A very versatile rotisserie, ideal, for example, for kebab, with a power that, without being one of the highest in this range, is enough to roast chickens and other meats quickly and to perfection. As is evident, and in general, time also depends on the tastes of the textures of each one.

In this case, it is highly valued that you get a very crispy textures and the flavor of cooking in the meat itself. In fact, with this juice that is collected on the tray, it is possible to roast, for example, delicious potatoes with the own dressing of the meat that has been prepared.

Very simple to use since it is enough with turn it on and turn the timer. It is not excessive in size or weight so it can be transported without problem.

Among the recommended products for this device, in addition to the aforementioned kebab and the classic chicken, there are also the Greek gyros, similar to the famous Mexican tacos.

Among the technical characteristics, it should be noted that it is a closed design and incorporates a sliding glass door.

It is made of stainless steel with a wide margin to disassemble it and wash it very easily even putting the pieces in the dishwasher.

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Open version: Clatronic DVG 3686

Rostizador Clatronic.


An optimal choice in open version at a reasonable price and with good proven performance. Solid device with which excellent flavors can be achieved in different dishes.

One of the advantages of open models is that the amount that can be cooked is greater Obviously, due to the lack of buffers, always within certain margins.

That is why, with this Clatronic it can feed several diners without problem since it can admit up to three kilos of meat.

To get an idea, if you choose invite family or friends A kebab can enjoy the gastronomic evening between six and eight people without too much problem (with the variations of the different appetites).

It is not very powerful, but it is picks excellent flavors from meats, even if it takes a little longer in the cooking process. Holds up to six skewers.

Minimalist and lightweight: Bomann DVG 3006 CB

Bomann Roaster.

Another open multi grill option of considerable size, although light thanks to the absence of casing (does not reach four kilos).

In fact, the design is totally minimalist since it is limited the base that holds the skewer and the backrest that generates heat.

More than simple use and correct performance in the three most common culinary options such as the chicken, the kebab and the skewers (maximum of six).

So basic in its manufacture that it only incorporates Switch on and offIt is true that in the grill alternatives without a cover it is much more accessible to check visually or by clicking the point of the meat.

Elegant and efficient: Domoclip 323 DOM

Rostizador Domoclip.


For a somewhat higher price above the average of the range, but it is not exorbitant either. Normal in closed models that carry more material and need more assembly.

Otherwise, its performance is good, the capacity is around the 2.5 kg of meat and, as accessories, it includes up to ten barbecue skewers.

The roasting process is quite satisfactory achieving excellent and crunchy textures for example in knuckles and, of course, in good-sized chickens.

The programmer is from an hour, although, obviously, it can be restarted if you want to give more time to roast. It also stands out for its sober and elegant design.

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Optimal value for money: Royal Catering RCGV

Rostizador Royal Catering.


A model with the best value for money. Modern design for afast heating sador even though it is not at the highest power with a maximum temperature of 120º.

In any case, more than enough to achieve good and uniform roasts within your tempered glass housing that gives you greater security. The rest is made of stainless steel.

Incorporates a timer up to one hour and includes accessories also in stainless steel such as skewers for skewers.

Vertical rotisseries are the appliance to enjoy a kebab at home.

What advantages does it have

Among them we point out the following:

  1. It gets less messy.

  2. It saves time and space.

  3. Very easy to use.

  4. Healthier food when prepared with its own juice.

  5. Multifunctional.

  6. Uniformity in heating.

  7. Better taste and texture.

Types by energy source

We distinguish two:

Of gas: They use natural gas, propane or butane as a source of energy. As an advantage, the price and the regulation of the temperature that can be done depending on the observation of the flame. In the domestic sphere they are rare.

Electric: As an advantage, the roast is made of a faster and more uniform way and they are by far the most suitable for homes.

How to use

Very simple since it practically does everything by itself except turn on and off (in some cases too). All you have to do is worry about seasoning the food to be skewered properly. Very important since this type of roast is based on the use of the juices generated by the meat.

When the meat is pierced, it looks at the timer (if incorporated) the necessary minutes without forgetting that this type of specialty is based on slow cooking to maintain the juices.

What to keep in mind

Power: Essential to take more or less in have a roast at the desired point. Although with the logical exceptions, these types of devices move in the 1500-2000W range. By temperature they usually vary between 60 and 250º.

Materials: As is obvious given the task they perform, the more heat-resistant be the materials of manufacture more quality of the product.

Ease of use: It is usually a constant in this type of device, but, even so, it does not hurt look for the most minimalist with button and knob.

Capacity: If you have room to store and it will be used in large family meals, Most likely, the capacity of the grill will be of great importance. If its use is going to be more usual and to walk around the house, a more compact model is better.

Durability: Another aspect to take into account totally linked to the first factor mentioned as is that of the materials.

Strength, resistance and durability are the required parameters, although the quality of the material it will also be key in the price.

Safety: Always important in home appliances related to fire, and in this case, burns would be considerable given the temperatures.

Between the components to consider in this section, for example, the automatic shutdown or the timer.

Extras: The more the merrier. We mean, for example, that they bring skewers for skewers, trays that collect fat and even accessories such as gloves or recipes.

Versatility: Marked by items such as temperature settings or the timer to adjust the times to the type of meat you choose.


It is no small matter in these appliances. The more it can be disassembled, the easier it will be to clean. If you have parts that can be put in the dishwasher, more time is saved.

That it is manufactured in a majority way in stainless steel guarantees that cleaning is not complicated in any case.

Thus, any dish soap and a sponge. As mentioned in the accessories chapter, they usually incorporate a tray to collect the sauces.

It is in that area where fat accumulates and, therefore, it is enough to review it well to leave the rostizer in perfect state.

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