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This is the Teufel One radio alarm clock

Among the notable benefits of this Teufel radio alarm clock, the One, Noteworthy is the integration of two adjustable alarms (daily, one day or weekend) and a sleep time of various levels. The screen can be adjusted manually or automatically and one of the points in its favor is that it has an integrated antenna and a USB charging point, to connect other devices for daily use.

It is a multifunction Hi-Fi device that adds the functions of alarm clock, radio and speaker in a single device, of careful design, and with what really matters: a powerful and clear sound.

Another significant advantage is that it is suitable for use in the bedroom, since its configuration respects rest, for which it is specially designed, due to its delicate and always balanced tones, which make it a excellent ally to sleep. Its sound perfectly accompanies waking up thanks to the 2-inch full-range driver slightly tilted to the sides and the large passive membrane on the back.


The device integrates Teufel Dynamore technology, designed to guarantee a powerful and balanced sound. In addition, thanks to the patented display lighting, which can be adjusted independently or manually and with a large time indicator, sleep will not be disturbed by annoying rays of light from electronic devices.

But although this equipment finds its place in the bedroom, it also has other possible locations since its versatility of functions and compact dimensions make it suitable for other uses and other spaces, to listen to music or radio stations.

Possibilities and design

Radio One works with radio signals via FM and via digital DAB+; It has memory to store three favorite frequencies.

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The device winks at the “made in Berlin” design and hides the wire antenna at the bottom, making it almost invisible. For music lovers in streamingthis clock radio is also configured as a speaker suitable for playing audio tracks from your mobile phone or tablet, and even via Bluetooth or using the mini-jack input.


All the functions of the equipment are managed with two controls located on the front: to set the alarms, start a timer, Bluetooth, FM and DAB +. It provides other possibilities such as, for example, setting the standby mode, screen brightness and alarm programming, a feature where the possibilities are very wide so that the function adjusts to the user’s needs.


Teufel Radio One is available at around 150 euros in black and white.

Summary of benefits and features

Bluetooth DAB/FM radio alarm clock with high-fidelity sound suitable for falling asleep and with numerous alarm functions.

It is configured as one of the most powerful speakers in its class for the bedroom, with impressive acoustics thanks to the 2 aluminum full-range drivers, supported by a passive cone and integrated Dynamore technology, for stereo reproduction.

Intuitive operation, even in the dark, via a multifunction wheel. With three possibilities to save freely assignable radio stations

Two separately adjustable alarms with single, daily, weekday or weekend alarm modes and multi-level sleeptime (15 to 90 minutes).

Patented display, automatically or manually adjustable, with time indication.

Four alarm tones designed by Teufel, including “Berlin” in homage to the carillon of the Gedächtniskirche (Memorial Church of the city).

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Radio sound, or music from smartphone via Bluetooth or the AUX input.

It has a USB charging port, retractable pull antenna at the bottom, available in two colors.

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