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This is the ultimate trick to make your floors look like new

At the time of clean your house and the tiles of your floor there are many things that you have to take into account. In others that not always all products You have to use them as indicated on the packaging in which you buy them. Not much less. A few days ago we told you (in this link you can read it), the reason many people are starting to cast bicarbonate within their wardrove empty for a period of cleaning.


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But that’s just a little trick that all it does is demonstrate the large number of uses that you can give the same product. Do you know what the last technique that is sweeping in social networks and that supposes a small revolution in the world of cleaning? It is about cleaning the floors with glass cleaning liquid.

It’s about using “just a jet“in the bucket in which you normally put the water and soap with which clean the floors of the whole house. “Usually does not leave a bad result nor do you have a risk of slipping or anything “, he sentenced on social networks in a group of cleaning one of the housewives who had tried this new technique. The funny thing is that many claimed that they used the glass cleaner for the floors in a “usual” way.

The product that will leave your floors as if they were new Freepik

Cleaning tips

At the time of clean your house and to keep it completely healthy, you have to take into account, in addition to the need to invest the right time, the great amount of possibilities that the objects of a lifetime and the products that you have at home allow you. For example, one of the areas in which more problems occur in terms of cleaning is the bathroom. And more specifically in the shower. This is where dirt and lime accumulate.

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The fundamental thing in the world of cleaning it’s doing a little bit each day without having to binge on any given day. In fact, you will get more and better results if cleaning is something scheduled that you can do little by little in your day to day. We hope that our tips are useful to you.

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