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This is the yeedivac 2 pro robot, with new technology to avoid crashes

Among the already wide range of cleaning robots, this new model of the brand stands out Yeedi presented as a product very competitive in price and with notable improvements in terms of scrubbing systems and, above all, in the way in which obstacles at home are avoided, since it adds 3D technology in a very efficient way, as has been shown in the tests carried out on the device. Price, improvements in scrubbing and more capacity to avoid shocks make it a proposal to consider to integrate it into household chores.

“We are proud to see that the Yeedivac series launched last year was so well received globally,” he reported. Gary Li, general manager of Yeedi. “We’ve been thinking about how to take the cleaning experience to the next level with the goal of making life easier for the user, and the yeedivac 2 series is the answer. This range uses intelligent 3D technology to avoid obstacles, a pioneer in the market, and yet we are characterized by very affordable prices for all audiences”, he concludes.

Featured Features

Oscillating mopping system. It integrates an innovative system that moves back and forth to mimic manual cleaning, but 5 times faster, so even tough stains are easily cleaned.

Obstacle avoidance functionality. This team uses artificial intelligence to avoid everything in its path, thanks to a light sensor. 3D technology intelligently detects objects that get in its way and reacts in time to avoid them.

Embedded Values

For the cleaning task, the robot uses an oscillation system similar to that of an electric toothbrush, the mopping oscillating systemwhich makes the results as expected.

Oscillating scrubbing mimics the movements we make when cleaning manually to treat the most difficult stains to remove. Additionally, it vibrates and scrubs the floor 480 times per minute, thus being more efficient than manual cleaning. The mechanism is compatible with wood, tile and laminate floors and operates with a low noise level.

It is not the first vacuum cleaner that can avoid obstacles in its path, however, it is a pioneer in using light technology (3D technology) compared to the solutions of other models on the market with infrared-based sensors. The structured light system can be ten times more efficient.

This anti-obstacle technology (the same one used by the Apple company in its FaceID app) scans everything around you without difficulty and reacts quickly to obstacles. You can measure the length, altitude and width of objects in your path to avoid them effectively.

useful solutions

The oscillating scrubbing system mimics the way people scrub floors: back and forth. The motor and drive system make it possible for the entire system to scrub forward and backward, reaching a speed of 480 times/m, which is 5 times faster than manual scrubbing, and thus improving the cleaning result prominently. The goal is not speed but to improve the cleaning result.

Another implemented solution is to opt for smart mapping technology instead of the more traditional LDS. According to tests carried out in the brand’s laboratories, this option cleans 20% more space. LDS models need the scanning LDS component on top of the rig thus making it 10cm thicker. Without this feature, the robot is 20% thinner, it gets better under sofas, cabinets and beds to clean hidden dust. It has less chance of damage as the mapping mechanism is fully protected and does not protrude.


Powerful suction up to 3000Pa

Smart mapping technology that works in coordination with the advanced ground motion sensor, making it map the house like a GPS. No bumps and blind spots.

Intelligent detection of the type of soil. Does not wet any carpet in the scrubbing function.

Slim design (7.7 cm), allowing you to easily reach everywhere.

Compatible with self-emptying station

Full app and voice control

Price, launch offer and renewal plan

Related news

The selling price of the vac 2 pro is 449.99 euros. As a launch offer it will be on sale for 379.99 euros.

Since this April, the brand has launched a renewed exchange plan so that customers can exchange their old yeedi for a new unit.

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