Friday, October 7

This is what we know about the iPhone 14 a week after its presentation

Apple is about to show the world its new products. And, among them, the one that stands out is none other than the iPhone 14, a smartphone that promises changes after several very conservative generations.

Apple made it official a few days ago: it will hold its big product presentation event on September 7, 2022. The most anticipated artist, of course, is the iPhone 14.

This year’s event has been dubbed Far Out, along with a cluster of stars in outer space. This has caused Bloomberg to begin to do their guesswork, accustomed to interpreting the names of the presentations and the images that accompany them.

Far Out, by the way, means far from reality. That “Far” could refer to the event being literally far in the future: Apple has announced the launch two weeks before it takes place, when Apple used to announce launches only a week in advance.

There is also the reason for space, which is based on a theme from iOS 16. One of the main sets of new wallpapers for the lock screen in the update is the Astronomy option. Includes two views of the Earth, two of the Moon, and one of the solar system.

It wouldn’t be the first time that the theme of an invitation from Apple is as simple as a reference to the wallpapers of a new device.. That happened with the iPhone X event in September 2017, the iPad Pro launch in October 2018, and the iPhone 11 launch in September 2019.

But a deeper meaning is possible. On the one hand, the space theme could be a reference to satellites. Apple could be planning to add significant satellite capabilities to its devices, including an emergency text messaging feature.

The functionbaptized internally as Emergency Messages via Satellite, is designed so that users of compatible iPhones can send SOS messages to the emergency services if they are in an area without coverage.

The prospect of having an iPhone that can get to first responders without a cellular connection would be just the beginning of what Apple is planning. Ultimately, users could have global access to the Internet and be able to make regular phone calls through satellite links.

The combination of speedy 5G networks and satellite service could one day make the iPhone the most powerful global communications device out there.

Another possibility is that Apple is hinting at improved photography capabilities or a feature that could rival Google’s astrophotography mode, which has been around for a while. Or a new version of the iPhone’s night mode, which was first released in 2019.

In any case, the iPhone 14 Pro should receive improvements in video recording and a 48-megapixel camera on the rear. More significant updates are not expected, if we remove the improvement of the selfie camera.

Finally, it is the first product launch of the season and will include an in-person portion for the media at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California. It will also be broadcast live, as usual, on Wednesday, September 7.

As for what is planned: All iPhone 14 models will be featured, along with three new Apple Watches: a standard edition, a lower-end SE version, and the product’s first Pro model.

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