Thursday, October 28

“This law goes far beyond the mention of sex”

Pol Galofre, this Wednesday in Badalona.

Pol Galofre, this Wednesday in Badalona.
Ferran Nadeu

When the previous ‘trans’ law was passed in 2007, Pol Galofre He was 20 years old and was very critical for many reasons, which went far beyond the inherent rebelliousness of age. He criticized it because it implied the obligation to a psychiatric diagnosis and medical treatment and because it did not cover minors or foreigners who did not have nationality. A position that was not widely understood then, “not even within the trans movement itself, in which there were people who told us not to complain so much and to value everything that had been achieved,” he recalls convinced that the draft of the new law. Reason why, despite sleeping a maximum of three hours in a row due to his recent fatherhood, he is happy. “The discourse of the need to depathologize was a very minority then, but luckily not anymore,” says Galofre, whose life option has always been linked to activism, which is why, when he became pregnant, it seemed important to make it visible; generate referrers.

Luckily the world has been moving and the new law goes along that line. We need to move forward to improve the lives of trans peoples “, sums up Galofre, who insists that he goes much further than the mention of sex on which the debate has focused.” He proposes, for example, a solution for foreigners. Today the NIE depends on your documentation in the country of origin. It cannot be that we have people in asylum who have had to leave their countries due to their condition and we do not allow them to change their name, “he defends.

“Both during pregnancy and now, in parenting, the people who have interacted with me in person have been wonderful. No one has told me anything. During the days of admission after delivery, I was skin-to-skin with my baby and no one He never treated me in any way other than masculine. The treatment that I have received has been spectacular“, he relates, immensely grateful to the Germans Trias i Pujol staff.

When he became pregnant, Galofre notified him in Trànsit, the Catalan health care service for trans people, and there they recommended midwives who paved the way for him. A pandemic pregnancy is tough enough to run into unpleasant added difficulties. The only time he noticed anything was on the day of the first echo, when he said he was the pregnant one. “And I understand it, that it surprises you that the person with sideburns is the one who comes to make the echo, but that’s it. The treatment received has always been exquisite, “he explains, aware of the road ahead. After the pedagogy done throughout the pregnancy, there remains that of the entire upbringing.” We will do it day by day, trying to give our baby a healthy environment in a plural reality “, he concludes.

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