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This Monday begins the plan to vaccinate children from 5 to 11 years old in NYC public schools against COVID-19

Last week New York City advanced in the vaccination plan against him COVID-19, after formally starting on Thursday the injection of doses to children between 5 and 11 years old, in the immunization centers administered by the Mayor’s Office.

And with the record of more than 12,113,400 doses already implemented in the Big Apple, this Monday, November 8, a more ambitious plan will begin, in which at least 1,070 public schools in the five boroughs will become not only educational centers but also, temporarily, in vaccination posts. The goal is to get the majority of children from 5 to 11 years, which are approximately 400,000 in the city, allow themselves to be punctured with the permission of their parents, legal guardians, or responsible caregivers.

The school vaccination plan was announced by Mayor Bill de Blasio, in conjunction with the Chancellor of Education Meisha Ross Porter, who were very optimistic to see further progress on New York’s road to recovery, following the devastating effects it has left behind the COVID pandemic in almost 20 months, and that vaccines have the greatest protection shield to stop the coronavirus.

“Vaccination is the key to our recovery. And now, the day has come. We have been waiting for this day. This is a day of double good news. Our children from five to 11 years old are vaccinated, starting with the Pfizer vaccine ”, assured De Blasio, visibly excited. “It will mean that many children will be even safer and families will be safer before the holidays. Today, our sites in the city are open right now, open to the public. “

Vaccination in schools until November 15

And in his eagerness to have more facilities for minors to access vaccines, the local president called on adults to take advantage of the vaccination points in the schools of the Big Apple, which will be operating for at least one day a week, until next November 15.

“This is going to have a huge impact right now. And starting Monday we will have vaccination sites in schools. Each school with children in the range of five to 11 years will have a site, at least one day, in the next few days from Monday the 8th onwards, ”said the Mayor. “We want to give this another alternative, because, for some parents, that will make it much easier. If you want to know when your school will have a school vaccination site, go to schools.nyc.gov/COVID-19“.

De Blasio suggested that to avoid setbacks, appointments be scheduled for children’s vaccines and announced that the economic incentive that the City has been giving to those who get vaccinated will also apply to younger children.

“Any parent listening to me right now and wanting to vaccinate their child, go right now, visit nyc.gov/vaccinefinder. Make an appointment. Dating is always the best, because it guarantees that they will not have to wait. And there is good news, children are eligible for the $ 100 vaccine incentive“Said the political leader. “So, we really want children to take advantage, families take advantage of that. Everyone could use a little more money during the holidays. But most importantly, we want our children and our families to be safe. “

De Blasio acknowledged that there are still parents who may have questions, and he urged them to ask their questions, or speak with medical providers from the ‘Test and Trace Corps’, by calling 212-COVID-19.

“At last, we can take this final step”

The Chancellor of Education Meisha Ross Porter He assured that the arrival of the COVID vaccine for a new segment of the school population adds to the efforts that have been made in the schools so that children and all staff are safe.

“At last almost all members of our school communities have access to this life-saving vaccine. At last, parents can rest assured that when their babies leave the house each morning, they have this powerful layer of protection against this disease.“Said the head of the New York schools.

“At last, we can take the final step in our mission to reopen our schools in the strongest and safest way possible (…) Still, our security measures have come with some policies necessary to keep all of our students healthy, such as unvaccinated students who come in close contact with positive cases that need to be quarantined as a precaution, ”added Porter.

The “maximum teacher” of the City took the opportunity to beg parents to take advantage of the vaccination posts that will be on campus and take the step forward.

“I urge you to vaccinate your children as soon as possible. Do it for your health, for your education, for your colleagues and, most importantly, for the restoration of all our communities ”, stressed the Chancellor.

Confirm arrival of 330,000 doses

The City Health Commissioner, Dr. Dave Chokshi, also defined the beginning of the vaccination of children from 5 to 11 years old as a long-awaited day that will provide protection to minors, and assured that it is expected that in the next few days some 330,000 doses of the vaccines will arrive in the city.

“Many parents have been eagerly awaiting the time to take their children for vaccination. So, today is a good day, because your wait is finally over. And I really love to see that the children are also excited, ”said the official. “They have endured so much during the pandemic, and now it is their turn to have the same protection as adults and adolescents, albeit in a dose the size of a child.”

Chokshi issued a voice of reassurance to parents who are nervous about giving their children the vaccine and assured that it is totally safe.

“I know this comes from his instinct to always protect our children. But I want to tell you that the vaccine for children ages five to 11 is safe and effective. Our country’s leading scientists strongly recommend it based on data showing that the Pfizer vaccine is more than 90 percent effective against symptomatic COVID-19, ”said the official, while adding that the goal is to make COVID -19 is a vaccine-preventable disease, such as chickenpox, rubella, and rotavirus.

There will be no mandate to vaccinate children

Despite the strong call for more children to get vaccinated, the De Blasio Administration has been clear in reiterating that there will be no vaccination mandate so that children can continue studying, as has happened with the order to be immunized imposed on public employees, teachers, firefighters and police, among others.

The City’s health advisor, Dr. Jay Varma He said that despite the start of the vaccination plan for minors between 5 and 11 years old, it is still not possible to speak of a “goodbye” to the use of masks, at least not for the remainder of this year.

“The reality is that we all want, as public health professionals, to also return to the day when we and our children do not have to wear masks and feel how they felt before the pandemic. But we are also very grateful that our measures to keep transmission controlled in schools have worked, ”said Varma.

“I think we’re all ready to wait for that day (when there are no masks), but we’re really not at a point right now to say that at any given percentage of vaccines and then all of our current mitigation measures could be eliminated,” added the Health expert.

Berenice RodriguezThe mother of a 7-year-old, who is in second grade at a Queens school, was still confused about whether or not to vaccinate her little one, but said she will speak with her doctor first, before taking the plunge.

“I know that the vaccine is safe, that’s why I put it on and I know that it protects against COVID, but the truth is I am still afraid of giving it to my children, but at least knowing that it is already available allows me to breathe easier,” he said. the Mexican mother. “I think I will put it on before the end of the year and then we will see if I do better in the same school so that everything is easier. God first”.

Where to get information

  • To find out the days each school will have an active vaccination post, you can visit the page schools.nyc.gov/COVID-19
  • To learn more about the vaccine in children, you can call (212) -268-4319
  • You can call 311 to find out about nearby vaccination sites
  • You can also visit the Vaccine Finder site at this link: https://vaccinefinder.nyc.gov/
  • You can call 877-VAX-4NYC

COVID vaccination of underage children in figures

  • November 8 will begin to vaccinate children in public schools
  • There are an estimated 400,000 children between the ages of 5 and 11 in New York
  • 1,070 public schools in the city will have vaccination posts
  • 5 to 11 years is the new minimum age required for vaccination
  • 38,000 COVID-19 infections would be avoided by vaccinating all the little ones
  • 1 specific day per week will designate each school to vaccinate
  • 200 public schools will be vaccinating in a single day
  • 1,500 pediatricians are working with health authorities to be ready for a wave of vaccines
  • 12,113,400 doses have already been applied in the Big Apple


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