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This motherboard for the new Ryzen 7000 is more expensive than many PCs (because it is the era in which we live)

We are new to the world of processors. The 13th generation Intel ‘Raptor Lake’ have arrived together with the AMD Ryzen 7000, and we have before us a new leap in performance. One, which, however, implies that at least in the case of AMD chips, it will be necessary to change the motherboard. The question is, and how much do those motherboards cost? Well, there is one that costs more than many PCs on the market.

If you want the new, prepare the portfolio. There are several manufacturers that already offer their new motherboards for AMD Ryzen 7000 processors. Those socket AM5 chips have promising performance, but if you want to enjoy them you will have to pay good money for these motherboards: various ASUS models, Gigabyte or MSI are around 480-500 dollars, and although they certainly offer remarkable benefits, they are a blow to those who thought that they would only have to invest in a new processor – which already requires a significant investment. But wait, there is more.

MSI MEG X670E GODLIKE. That is the name —easy to remember— of the new top-of-the-range motherboard from MSI for the aforementioned AMD Ryzen 7000. We are facing a product prepared for the most ambitious users, and among its characteristics its construction and appearance stand out, in which they stand out the gigantic heatsinks and that design in which the black and gold lighting want to show from the first that we are facing a special motherboard.

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Yeah, but what’s so special about it?. The board has four DDR5 slots and PCIe 5.0 support (both in the graphics and in the M.2 slot), but also has a 24+2+1 phase power design and 105 amp MOSFETs (in the AM4 version there were 16 phases and MOSFETs supported up to 70 amps) which prepares it not only for the highest-end processors, but to be able to do full-throttle manual overclocking with them.

Screenshot 2022 09 28 At 10 42 24

There are also two 8-pin CPU connectors to ensure stable power input because once again having the processor well powered is the absolute focus here.

Up to 6 ultra-cooled SSD drives. On the board we have four very special connectors for M.2 SSD drives. They are because at MSI they have created a casing that makes them fit perfectly without the need for the traditional screw that holds them to the plate.

Screenshot 2022 09 28 At 10 40 43

These units are also prepared to perform at maximum power thanks to those heatsinks we were talking about, but there is still more: we have the option of buying a PCIe 5.0 module with its own cooling system that will allow us to connect two more SSD units.

Intel and AMD have entered the GHz race with one purpose: to beat the competition in single-thread performance

Load your mobile (and almost your Steam Deck) from the PC. The connectivity section is also the protagonist, because the board has native support for 10GbE and 2.5GbE Ethernet connectivity. We have integrated support for Wi-Fi 6E with dual antenna, support for the 6 GHz band and MU-MIMO to achieve transfers of up to 2,400 Mbps.

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And for having, we even have the option of having a USB-C port connected to the front of the box that offers PD at 60 W, more than enough power to quickly charge our mobiles and also to charge the Steam Deck (its native esd adapter and 65W).

Touch screen to control everything. And since controlling all this from the PC is still not enough, we have the M-Vision Dashboard, a small 4.5-inch LCD touch screen that reports all the parameters and allows them to be configured easily. And incidentally show us the time, the time or the multimedia control.

Screenshot 2022 09 28 At 10 41 08

And all for the low price of… $1,299.99 in US stores, we’ll see here: a slightly lower version, the MSI MEG Z690 GODLIKE is at 2,662 euros, for example. Very high prices that probably only a few users will be willing to pay. If they do, yes, they will have a really striking and capable board on their computers. The option, yes, is there, as well as (fortunately) there will be other more affordable ones. Everything for everyone.

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