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This photo coloring website shows that AI plays on another level. And it works with a couple of clicks

AI is coming to our computers every day. In this case, it serves to help all those who need it to color the photographs by simply clicking a button. We have found Palette, a simple website to color old black and white photos.

Coloring a black and white photograph has become fashionable. It is no longer as complicated as before, now it is only necessary to use the new Adobe Photoshop neural filters or better yet, visit the Palette website, created by Emil Wallner, a professional related to Google Arts.

The most striking thing about this application is the quality of results and ease of use, you don’t need any knowledge of editing to light a black and white photo. Just be clear about what we need, access to a computer and an internet connection.

How to use Palette

The first step, and perhaps the most complicated, is to find Palette. The name is very popular, and if you put ‘palette’ in the search engine, you will find all kinds of hair dyes, applications for color harmonies and much more. It is important to put the extension .fm (domain of the Federated States of Micronesia) to find exactly what we are looking for.

Coloring black and white photos

original image

Once inside the page, we don’t have to go around a lot to get a good result.


Starting screen

First of all, you have to choose photography with which we want to work. Nowhere does it indicate the characteristics and size of the files, but I have been able to work without problems with a 24 MP jpeg. It is not compatible with TIFF files and always returns a .png file of 1920 pixels on the longest side. Here we have probably the biggest limitation of the page (and the door open for a paid version).

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Once the photo is opened, the page processes the original file and then applies a first color adjustment called ‘Base palette’. If you like the result, you just have to hover over the image and hit the Save button.


One of the filters we can use

But it would be a mistake to stay there. The page offers many more possibilities, and they are what make it stand out above all the other options that we can find in the market. Once the image is colored, we have more possibilitiesmore filters, if we don’t like the first option.


What happens when you put a feature like ‘sunset’

What really makes the difference is that we can write how we want the color and lighting to achieve the desired effect, as if it were a kind of Dall-E of color. If you want the photo to have the colors of the sunset, you just have to write in English – after giving the pencil icon, sunset (sunset) and click on the Colorize button.

In the First and Second World Wars, color (and not colored) photos were already taken: this was the arduous process to make them

And that’s it, as you can see, it is extremely easy to use. The only downside is the format in which the copy of the original is returned to you. But we are dealing with a technology that will end up being implemented in some famous program or directly integrated into the Google browser itself.

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