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This Tuesday comes the most anticipated premiere of the Passion of Cáceres

The image of Jesus Stripped, on Saturday during the via crucis of his transfer. / Armando Mendez

The brotherhood of Jesús Despojado debuts this Tuesday afternoon, after two years of waiting, during Holy Week in Cáceres with a new style of loading

Maria Jose Torrejon

It is the great novelty among all the novelties of this post-pandemic Easter. If time permits, the brotherhood of Jesús de la Lealtad Stripped of His Vestures will debut this afternoon at the festival in Cáceres, two editions later than initially planned. “We were going to leave in 2020,” recalls Álvaro Portillo, older brother of the youngest brotherhood of the 17 that make up the Cáceres Passion.

finally the day arrived. The brotherhood is scheduled to leave from the headquarters of the Episcopal Palace, in the Plaza de Santa María, at half past eight in the afternoon. “We have a tremendous illusion,” summarizes Portillo, who these days, like the rest of the brotherhoods, has a direct line with the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) to know the evolution of the clouds.

The rain forecast for today is one hundred percent until six in the afternoon. Then it goes down to five percent. “From eight in the evening it clears up,” the older brother indicates positively, convinced that the procession will be able to leave. The titular image of the brotherhood, Our Father Jesus of Loyalty Stripped of His Vestments, is the work of the Cordovan image makers Juan Jiménez and Pablo Porras.

The contribution of this young brotherhood to Holy Week also involves the introduction of a new style of taking to the streets. It does not do it either on the shoulders, which is the most widespread form in the festival of Cáceres, nor with costaleros, a modality that is supported by the brotherhood of the Vivero and that of the Cristo de la Salud. Here the brothers carry double shoulders –and not on the neck like the costaleros– and they go inside the passage. “It is a modality that is widespread in the Granada area,” summarizes the older brother.

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The brotherhood, which has made last-minute changes to its route that are not included in the official guide, will depart from Santa María and continue through the Arco de la Estrella, Plaza Mayor, Pintores, San Juan, Plaza del Doctor Durán, Sergio Sánchez , Donoso Cortés, San Pedro, San Juan, Pintores, Moret, Plaza de la Concepción, Santo Domingo, Andrada, Ríos Verdes, Nidos, Luis Grande Baudesson, Plaza de la Audiencia, Muñoz Chaves, Plaza del Duque, Gabriel y Galán, Plaza Mayor and Arco de la Estrella, from where you will return to the Episcopal Palace after four hours on the street.

The procession of Jesús Despojado, which will include the participation of the musical group ‘La Expiración’ (from Salamanca), is one of the three processions of the day. Two more are scheduled, starring the Ramos brotherhood and the Amparo brotherhood.

Until now, Holy Tuesday was the most austere day of Holy Week in Cáceres. Wind music, in the case of the Ramos, and an out-of-tune kettledrum, in the case of the Amparo, were the only sounds that accompanied these two processions. And so it remains.

At half past eight in the afternoon – the same departure time of the new brotherhood – the image of Nuestro Padre Jesús del Perdón, of the brotherhood of Los Ramos, will depart from San Juan. It will carry out the route that it approved in 2018 and that includes passing through the three cloistered convents of the Monumental City (Santa Clara, Jerónimas and San Pablo).

And, finally, at eleven o’clock at night, the procession of Cristo del Amparo will depart from its hermitage, located on the Montaña road, greatly admired for its recollection and for giving away one of the most beautiful snapshots of the Cáceres Passion: the descent of the carving of Cristo del Amparo, decorated with wild flowers, towards Fuente Concejo with the Ciudad Monumental in the background.

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Six fainting and two injuries in the Palm Sunday processions in Cáceres

The DYA association is in charge of providing health care in the processions and carrying out hospital transfers, if necessary. During the first day of parades in the capital of Cáceres, eight attentions were given, six due to fainting and two due to injuries. Five of these people were taken to hospital, according to information provided by the group.

DYA covers the city’s processions with an ambulance, a device that reinforces the days of greatest influx of public with a second ambulance and volunteers who move by bicycle. This year, unlike what happened in previous editions, identification bracelets will not be distributed among minors.

On the other hand, Conyser, the cleaning company, has a special device during these days that includes sweeping the itineraries before the parades and washing them once the processions have passed.

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