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This TV is 165 inches, it’s MicroLED and it unfolds from the ground in seconds: the problem is its price

From the makers of the world’s largest 4K MicroLED TV comes a TV that stays completely hidden in the living room floor and, when needed, pops up and unfolds in a series of precisely calculated movements to provide a larger viewing area. up to 165 inches. We are talking about C-SEED M1a product that you can already buy, if you have 400,000 dollars, of course.

As TechSpot collects, this unique device has been developed by C SEED Entertainment Systems, an Australian company that targets people with high purchasing power, since its products are designed to work in a mansion, at the foot of the pool or even on yachts (wink for Jeff Bezos and his superyacht). The C SEED M1 is rated as “a minimalist sculpture and a kinetic work of art“. Let’s see what this is about.

A television that, without a doubt, does not go unnoticed

The features and functionality of the C SEED M1 are the product of a combination of design, engineering and display technology. According to the manufacturer, the structure of the television is made of “aerospace aluminum”, which allows to achieve a good rigidity-to-weight ratio. At the design level, it has thin frames and a robotic mechanism that allows it to be hidden under the ground and unfolded in a few seconds at the press of a button.

The mechanical system works thanks to a display panel suitable for folding. As we can see in the video, the screen is made up of five sections. According to C SEED, a patented adaptive space calibration system which uses automatic distance measurement and calibration to ensure a viewing experience without noticeable lines.

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Currently you can find screens with different technologies, such as MiniLED, OLED, QLED, among others. In the case of the C SEED M1 MicroLED has been useda technology that began to reach the first televisions in 2021. It is one of the most advanced of the moment and has benefits such as deep blacks, high brightness delivery capacity, color accuracy and good viewing angles.

C Seed M1 15

“MicroLEDs are made from durable materials, giving the N1 display a potential lifespan of up to 100,000 hours,” the company states on its website. The TV complements this panel with HDR10+ compatibility, an integrated 2.1 sound system with the soundbar integrated into the frame design, five HDMI inputs (it does not specify if it is version 2.1) and 2 USB-A ports.

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As we mentioned above, it is a television that is not available to everyone. The price of the 165-inch version is $400,000. And sadly, installation is not included. Consequently, the buyer will have to hire someone to mount it in their living room. The good news is that there will also be models of 165, 137 and 103 inches, but the price is not yet known, although they will presumably be more “economical”.

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