Monday, September 25

This was the last publication of Suelta La Sopa on Instagram. Did the end come today?

After eight years on the air Release The Soup is over and thus closed its signal through the Telemundo screens. However, it seemed that the history of the program would not hit his Instagram account, because it continued to share content about the world of entertainment, at least it had been until January 5. Because the story seems to have changed for this Saturday the eighth of the same month.

The latest publication of Tell me what you know in this social network it is super J Balvin. The account has four million followers, as does The fat and the skinny. However, at the moment it is not known if there is some kind of agreement with Telemundo or if what they will do is change the name of the program and keep the account active in the future, since four million followers in a social network as profitable as Instagram , it is not at all something that can be ignored that easily.

The Suelta La Sopa Instagram account, on the other hand, managed to ride the wave of the Rivera family scandal, announcing that Jacqie Rivera was in effect taking over the companies of her mother, Jenni Rivera, to protect her legacy.

The public of the program even participated in this post commenting: “How good because that way uncles stop giving the life they lead, of something that belongs to the children, not theirs. La Plata belongs to the brats, not the brothers, it is theirs but they take care of it ”.

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This was the farewell to Suelta La Sopa, with Jorge Bernal as moderator of this project: “Gentlemen, welcome to ‘Suelta la Sopa’, we are only hours away from ending this year 2021 and with it, we also closed what many of us call a cycle, a cycle that we started here in this house 8 years ago. Today, we are going to remember together, you and us here, great moments that forever marked the world of entertainment ”.

Jorge Bernal also added: “We say it with great honor, gentlemen. And also, that they marked the history of ‘Suelta la Sopa’ and the entertainment industry. I beg you, join us on this journey. We’re going to have a good time”.

In addition to Jorge Bernal, these were some of the drivers who were panelists for this show: Luis Alfonso Borrego, Juan Manuel Cortés, Orlando Segura, Vanessa Claudio, Aylín Mujica, Carolina Sandoval, Andrea Escalona and Carla Gómez.

Thus, Bernal’s last words in this project that was once called Suelta La Sopa: “Today is the 2,117 program… it has been a fairly long trajectory, it has been unforgettable moments… also bittersweet. I want to read you a little saying that says: ‘Looking at the past for a moment, serves to reflect the sight, to rebuild it and make it more apt to look forward’ “.

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