Tuesday, August 9

This was the least expected day of Superman

  • As if it were an episode of the documentary series of the Movistar group, Miguel Ángel López left the Vuelta on Saturday after seeing that he could not recover the lost podium.

  • No one could convince him to keep running. He misinterpreted Unzué’s slogan and at night he asked his companions for forgiveness.

Outside the Movistar coach There are only a couple of team assistants parked in Sanxenxo. The curtains cover the interior of the vehicle. There are only five runners, three to work, as far as they can, and two to keep, to play defense in a trap stage in the province of Pontevedra designed by Óscar Pereiro, a former member of the team who gave them a Tour there. 2006.

With Alejandro Valverde it would have been something else, on the attack, but as the situation is, you have to preserve what you have. Enric Mas you only need to be aware of the wheel of Primoz Roglic; if it attacks you have to follow it. Superman Lopez you must take care of the australian Jack Haig, because in an oversight, with Bahrain as the strongest team in the race, you can have a disappointment.

Haig’s shadow

It’s as simple as two plus two equals four. Superman must be the shadow of Haig. If demarra becomes his magnet and holy easter. And if it is cut … if it is cut it will have the whole of Bahrain to rebuild the situation and Superman he will travel by carriage as he did Roglic after what Adam Yates unearthed the hatchet 60 kilometers from the goal.

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Colombia weighs a lot. In your country they do not want, they hate, that their stars work for others, call now But or a few years ago, at the time of Nairo quintana, Mikel Landa. It was only necessary to listen to the questions, totally different from the rest of the international press, that they made him reach Superman at the press conferences on the two days off.

Behind the wheel of Bernal

And without rest, in the penultimate stage of the Vuelta, Superman Forgets that it must be the limpet hooked to the wheel Haig. It is placed behind Egan bernal. It is very important to be first in class. Attack Yachts and Bernal respect his demarraje, tradition of any team. 10, 15, 50 meters … Haig has gone with Yachts, with Roglic, with But. Superman, who watches over those who should not, is cut off and enters a state of despair. Just throw him. Look around. Bernal does not intend to help him, nor David de la Cruz, which is not your war, nor Steven Kruijswijk that he would be fired from the Jumbo with his Slovenian boss ahead.

Press the earpiece button again and again to speak. Listening, Txente Garcia Acosta, who drives the car behind his group. But the one who makes the decisions is Eusebio Unzué, the boss, who is co-pilot. They try to calm him down, that the distance is not great and the capture is difficult but not unlikely.

Unzué appears

The seconds fall and then the minutes. Superman he goes almost as fast, but no faster than the escapees with Bahrain pulling like crazy to try to knock him out. He immediately loses a minute and it is already two when the judges authorize the Movistar car to pass the group of Superman to help Enric Mas.

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Unzué roll down the window. Txente just slow down a bit. “Stop pulling, it’s not worth it.” And the team manager adds: “Red He’s coming from behind, wait for him to help you. ” Unzué, the Vuelta, everyone knows that Superman has lost because when it arrives Red, exhausted by the effort, the rest of the favorites are already four minutes away.

Miguel Angel Lopez misinterprets the words. It starts to heat up. He closes in on himself, his head betrays him and behind a steep slope he discovers a Movistar vehicle and an assistant with a bottle that he rejects. He stops and goes after the car. They all believe that as a result of the shock he has gotten a squeeze. He takes refuge behind the car, between a tree, an orchard and a stable. He does not want to continue. He’s sitting on the ground next to the bike.

Patxi Vila and Imanol Erviti

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Arrives Patxi vila, another of the directors, who is in the second car with Thomas Amezaga, one of the mechanics. village He quickly gets out of the car and squats next to Superman. Gesture with your hands, one, two, three, five minutes. Superman gets up and goes to the block. The movements with the hands translate the phrase, a “leave me alone”. village moves away. Superman seems to see reason but he only takes the bike to sit on the frame.

The earpiece sparks. It even seems impossible that Enric Mas, as it says in goal, has not found out anything. Arrives Imanol Erviti, the team’s route captain. He throws the bike and goes to Superman. They barely speak for a minute. Erviti he sees that there is nothing to do and returns to the race. Superman gets into the auxiliary car. He has just decided that he is leaving the Vuelta. At night, during dinner, he gets up and asks for forgiveness.

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