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This was the tragic death of Lili Estefan’s mother. Her strength has made her one of the most important Latina women in the world

Despite a very happy day for many to celebrate the Mother’s Day in many parts of the world and especially in the United States. The host of “The fat and the skinny”, Lili Estefan, is one of those who feel melancholy at this time. Just as a child she had to live her mother’s death. Despite the pain, “La Flaca” managed to get ahead with strength and courage, she is an excellent mother and became one of the representatives of the most important Latin woman in the world even when she had to live closely his mom’s suicide.

“I always think of her, I think she has been the little angel that has guided me, she left very early… I always feel her present in one way or another. I have it on my nightstand. I always give him a kiss before going to bed wherever he is, “he said at some point during a heartfelt tribute they made to him in Despierta América.

Inevitably he spoke of the harsh childhood that I live in his home island in Cuba. On another occasion, Lili spoke of the rationing that existed at that time. “They gave me only three toys a year …” he said in the midst of other details about the tough political situation that Fidel Castro’s regime experienced at that time. However, “La Flaca” also recalled many nostalgic moments.

“I ask myself: -How could I have done so much with so little and when I say little, I don’t mean the material. I dug up all of that last night. I unearthed it with the memory of my mother, who died when I was just 11 years old. I did not want to go to the funeral, nor to the funeral. I left Cuba. I basically think that, burying all that I think was my way of surviving and yesterday I realized that I have to return to Cuba one day, look for my mother’s grave, kneel down and ask her forgiveness … “, he said through tears and visibly affected in 2016 during an interview for a program on the same television network for which she works, Univision.

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But the most moving and real of all was the one he did just last year on the Facebook Watch show “Red Table Talk: The Stefans“, Together with his aunt Gloria Estefan and her cousin, Emily Estefan. There, with her family and with whom she has been a mother to her, she bared her heart and spoke of the tragic death of his mother and of the mental illness that he suffered.

“… Several times I came home from school and she was unstable again. I saw it, I saw it in his eyes, in his body language. She changed, she was like another person. She was depressed … sometimes she said things like: -I am the Virgin Mary- and we all had to treat her as such, ”recalled the mother of the now model Lina Luaces.

The Cuban told at that time how she found out about the death of his mother, who committed suicide precisely because of their sufferings. “Your mother died”His father told him. He also said that he had to grow up very fast.

Without a doubt, this was a blow that changed the life of one of the Hispanic women, if not the most important, for more than 20 years. It is not just her talent, career, beauty and humility that has made hundreds of Hispanics identify with and admire Lili. But this courage he had in revealing his soul in certain interviews to talk about something as important as his mom’s suicide. To see that interview press here and go to minute 4:29.

Although the experience with pain has been very raw and close, it made the Univision host learn to live life to the fullest, taking advantage of every opportunity that life presented and continues to present. Lili Estefan is an exemplary woman and a mother who has fought for her children Lorenzo and Lina Luaces, who fill her with pride every day and who do not stop praising her on social networks. Happy Mother’s Day for this woman who became a worthy representative of Latin women forever.

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