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This watch for adventurers will be your faithful companion in your outdoor sports and now on sale for only 95 euros

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We have activity bracelets and smart watches that usually accompany us when we go out to play sports, but they are a series of products that, in the event of any unwanted scratch or bump, can stop working, and that is why if you love extreme sports, or you just want a rugged watch, you’re going to love this smartwatch deal that’s proof against absolutely anything.

And it is that if you are an adventurer and you show it in your travels, more now that the good weather is coming, you are interested in having a robust smartwatch but at the same time it does not dispense with any technical capacity seen in high-end watches, and the Honor Watch GS Pro on sale is what you need.

And it is that the Honor Watch GS Pro is only 95.90 euros on Amazon, with a discount of 73.10 euros compared to its previous price, and a product that you will receive in the next few days.

This watch for adventurers will be your faithful companion in your outdoor sports and now on sale for only 95 euros

The Honor Watch GS Pro of the offer at 95.90 euros It’s 43% off its previous priceand we are talking about the version of the 48 mm sphere with Bluetooth and GPS connection.

And it is that if you are an adventurer you must surround yourself with devices with great autonomy, and this smart watch It has a battery life of 25 dayseven with the outdoor GPS mode, it could perfectly reach 100 hours.

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And if you go out into nature, it will surely be to play sports, and it has more than 100 training modes, specifically more than 18 professional exercise modes and 85 custom training modes.

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Obviously it includes all the relevant sensors of this type of device such as 24-hour heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring throughout the night, the sensor to perform blood oxygen level measurements and it is even capable of storing up to 500 songs of our favorite music.

And we say that it is resistant, because meets 14 different MIL-STD-810G tests which includes resistance to temperature altitude, salt spray, sand resistance, and humidity resistance, among others.

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