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This will be the car of 2040 according to the Royal College of Art in London

Twenty postgraduate students taking the RCA Intelligent Mobility Master at its Intelligent Mobility Design Center have developed the future concepts of mobility

The students, representing a future generation of international design talent, have produced a series of radical new luxury mobility concepts in the creative program launched by
lexus«The Soul of Future Premium».

The Japanese brand has created a new research and design program together with the
Royal College of Art London«Lexus 2040: The Soul of Future Premium» a four-month program that culminates with the exhibition of the different projects.

This exploration of how luxury transportation could evolve by the mid-21st century was presented by Lexus in September 2021 in association with the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London, one of the world’s leading research and learning centers for art and design. most prestigious and influential in the world.

The challenge is to explore new vehicle architectures to cope with changes in life, society and demographics in European cities, and to reinvent the role that the Lexus brand could play in the mobility landscape in the next two decades. .

This initiative has inspired the original work of 20 graduate students from the RCA’s Intelligent Mobility Design Centre, an interdisciplinary center of excellence in design and research. In their work, they have been advised by Ian Cartabiano and Lance Scott, respectively President and General Manager of Design at ED2, the Lexus European Design Centre, together with Professor Dale Harrow, President of the IMDC, and Dr Chris Thorpe, Director of Intelligent Mobility of the Program.

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They recently submitted their projects for judging, through which the judges provided immediate feedback and selected six finalists.

Subsequently, each finalist has developed and refined their concept with the benefit of the professional advice of the judges. Student work and presentations were exhibited at the RCA’s flagship new campus in Battersea, London. During the month the three winning projects will be announced.

2040 Lexus Vision In-season, by Bangning An

This project creates a vision of future luxury mobility, very synchronized with each season. The cleverly designed roof controls the intensity of daylight entering the interior, for an immersive seasonal experience and greater energy efficiency.

Crucible by Benjamin Miller

The Crucible is a getaway vehicle that splits based on user preference. Separate the luxury cabin from the technology to create carefree, personalized service. Its changing interior can be adapted to any configuration for perfect comfort.

HIGH, by Richard Newman

ALTO is a space that inspires the “celebration of the everyday” through the intermediate points of an overwhelming future landscape.

Lexus Urban Swarm by Maxime Gauthier

UrbanSwarm adds a luxurious feel to the everyday urban mobility experience. This fluid, modular way of traveling offers the flexibility and convenience of micromobility alongside the efficiency of mass transit systems, while ensuring full inclusiveness for all.

Lexus NEKO, by Jan Niehues

Lexus NEKO is a micromobility concept that uses 4D technology to optimize ergonomics and opportunities for the Lexus brand. For example, the vehicle can perform traditional Japanese bows, while the microbots allow complete flexibility for greater speed in urban areas.

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Lexus #Units, by Zhenyu Kong

In the context of digital personalization as a future social space, #Units not only expands the connection between individuals and groups, but also explores what sharing luxury could be like, using digital technology.

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