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This Windows 11 laptop weighs 1.5 kg and is surprisingly cheap: from Huawei and for 399 euros

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Huawei sells several models of Windows laptops, and one of them has just dropped at a knockdown price.

Having a good laptop is essential for professionals and students, and if it’s also cheap, all the better. With the MacBook above 1,000 euros in all its versions, you have to look for options within the world of Windows, and there are, and quite a few too.

Huawei with its Matebooks is one of the brands that has most firmly opted for Microsoft’s operating system and for low prices, as evidenced by one of its latest laptops on sale, the Matebook D15which costs only 399 euros.

It’s quite a bargain to be a very light ultrabook, weighing only 1.5 kg and with Intel Core i3 as a processor, which actually comes with Windows 10, but which you can upgrade to Windows 11 completely free of charge, something recommended for the performance and battery improvements it includes.

This 15.6″ computer weighs just over 1.5kg. With its Intel Core i3 processor it has more than enough power to run Windows 10 smoothly.

It’s powerful enough to run the OS seamlessly with all the core apps, whether it’s Chrome, all Office apps, or some video and photo editing apps, but without too much fanfare.

The i3 is already an entry-level processor, but not as much as the Intel Celeron and the like. If you also add SSD storage, as in this case, so much the better, because this format makes the most of all the possibilities of Windows.

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The metal chassis gives it a premium touch and allows better heat dissipation. Other very attractive features are added, such as the fingerprint reader to access your accounts, a comfort that is always appreciated.

Among the best laptops to work that we have tested there is a Huawei, the older brothers of this Matebook D 15 with Intel Core i3which however is a good option for tighter budgets.

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A cheap, lightweight Windows laptop with free shipping

Obviously, if you can afford a little more outlay, an Intel Core i5 or even an AMD Ryzen 5 offer better performance, but with this model it may be enough.

In addition to being very cheap, it is a computer that comes ready to use, something that is becoming less common now that manufacturers sell many laptops without an operating system.

The offer on the Huawei Matebook D 15 with i3 also includes free shipping, as is the case with practically all devices in the Huawei eStore in Spain.

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