Tuesday, November 29

This young family lived full time in their Airstream – and loved it

When Heather and Austin Holmes met in San Diego in Feb. 2018, it didn’t take long before they knew they were in it for the long haul. They decided to make a life plan together and, like many young couples, needed to pick where to live.

After over a year of research, they decided they would find the answer by embarking on a road trip exploring the United States via an Airstream attached to their pickup truck. While they were excited to see the country, they were really looking for the right place to plant roots. Starting in December 2019, they drove across the country, hitting 33 states, including Tennessee, Ohio and Florida, spending a day or two in a new town to see how they liked it. As the pandemic halted most travel, the couple was able to continue going by way of their Airstream, affectionately named Freya.


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