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This YouTube video breaks records and is already the one with the most views in 24 hours

The Oscar ceremony needed a shock to curb the low audience of recent years. And boy, has he had it, but surely not in the way they expected…

Little more can be said about what we saw early Monday morning during the 2022 Oscars award ceremony. Well yes, one more thing: One of the videos of Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock is already the most viewed in YouTube historyduring the first 24 hours.

Actor Will Smith left everyone speechless when he got up from his seat, walked onto the stage, and He crossed the face of presenter Chris Rock for telling a joke about his wife.

The American network ABC partially censored the slap, which is why the most viewed video of the scene was that of the British newspaper The Guardian, which aired the incident uncensored:

As tells, this video has broken the YouTube record by exceeding 59 million views in 24 hours. It currently has more than 70 million views. And that the video is also uploaded on thousands of different YouTube channels.

If it is already sad to see how a prestigious award ceremony falls to the level of a slum tavern, it is even more so to check how a comic actor hits anotherwhen he more than anyone else should understand the profession.

Admittedly, Chris Rock’s joke about Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, having alopecia was bad: “I can’t wait to see you in Lieutenant O’Neil 2“. AND in very bad taste, because Jada’s shaved head is due to a disease that causes her to lose her hair. But that’s no excuse to slap the comedian, then yell at him with rude threats.

Even worse, Will Smith’s reaction to receiving the Oscar for Best Actor, for his role in The Method Williams. “Best supporting actor”, “give him the Donostia Award”, repeated the memes.

Will excused himself by saying that he had done it for the love of his wife (I hit because I lovewhich is the most common excuse for abusers), and although he apologized to those present, didn’t do it directly to Chris Rock. Which, by the way, has decided not to file a complaint.

Only the next day, no doubt pressured by the press, his publicist, and the Academy itself, Will Smith has apologized to Chris Rock on Instagramin a statement that sounds like, well… an excuse dictated by his lawyer:

Many things went wrong yesterday Monday. The Academy did not punish the slap (many were calling for Will Smith’s expulsion from the ceremony), and the actor collected his Oscar like it was nothing, and was later seen dancing spiritedly at the Vanity Fair party.

Will Smith’s excuses sound stale, and apologies empty. The performance of the Academy, which has started “a formal investigation“, late and bad, leaves much to be desired.

Will Smith ruined the most important night of his life, and what’s worse, he ruined it for the rest of the awardees, who were overshadowed by the incident.

Indeed, In addition to the slap, prizes were also awarded yesterday. If you missed them, here is the complete list of winners of the 2022 Oscars. And here, where you can see the movies.

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We don’t know what will happen to Will Smith, but something tells us that, at least in the coming months, it will be difficult for him to find work in a new movie or series…

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