Thursday, October 28

Those admitted by covid-19 in the province increase by almost fifty in three days

Laboratory of the Hospital de Sant Joan d'Alacant where tests are carried out for the detection of coronavirus.  |

Laboratory of the Hospital de Sant Joan d’Alacant where tests are carried out for the detection of coronavirus. |

The coronavirus does not rest on Christmas, but, on the contrary, is hitting with intensity in full parties, as highlighted by the data announced yesterday by the Conselleria de Sanidad Universal y Salud Pública. Those admitted for this pathology in the province have increased by almost fifty in the last three days, reaching the highest value of the entire month. Specifically, right now there are 424 patients with covid-19 in Alicante health centers, 48 ​​more than in the previous balance, on Wednesday the 23rd.

In the whole Community, those entered are 1,544, which represents an increase of 130 in relation to the data update on Wednesday. So, the situation has become generally complicated throughout the autonomous region. The number of patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the different hospitals is also growing, although in this case it only does so in one person in the province of Alicante, so that there are already 92 who are in this situation. This is the highest figure since last December 3. Even more worrying is the increase in patients in the ICU in Valencia, from 133 to 139, while in Castellón it has dropped from 18 to 15.

Regarding the spread of the disease, the figures provided yesterday by Health suggest that the accumulation of holidays has led to fewer tests being performed and, consequently, that the reported cases are also much less than in previous days. Only in this way is it explained, based on current circumstances, that between noon on Thursday and yesterday morning only 187 new infections were registered. A surprisingly low figure in relation to those that have been given in recent weeks.

In fact, in the entire month of December there had not been such a low number of new cases, not even on Monday, when the data are usually lower. Now, normally, very high numbers of cases occur on Tuesdays, so it cannot be ruled out that this also happens in the coming days. In recent weeks, the number of daily cases had been growing to around 600 per day. On Thursday, Christmas Eve, it rose to 737, the highest figure since November 20e.

With the 187 cases notified yesterday, the accumulated number of infections since March in the province stands at 45,381. For its part, in the Community as a whole the total of positives in these months is 137,476, after the 821 that were released in the province of Valencia and another 50 in the demarcation of Castellón. Both data, and especially the latter, are also lower than those of previous days.

On the other hand, the Department of Health did not provide data on new coronavirus outbreaks yesterday, nor did he update those of the deceased, which he had not done on Thursday either. Thus, the latest figures to date are still those of Wednesday, in which the fatal victims of the pandemic were 981 in the province and 2,792 in the Community as a whole. Nor has the situation in the residences been updated since Wednesday; According to this balance, there are currently 31 nursing homes in the province with positive cases, as well as four centers for people with functional diversity.

High incidents in the departments of Dénia and Alcoy

The health departments of Dénia and Alcoy are those that currently register a higher incidence of cases. In the first of them, with 379.06 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the situation has become very complicated in recent weeks, after being relatively quiet until early December. In this area the outlook is especially serious in municipalities such as El Verger, with a rate of 2,715.52 per 100,000. For its part, in the Alcoy health area the main focuses are now in this same city and in Castalla, with 540.73 and 642.04 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, respectively. In both municipalities, all cultural and sports activities have been suspended in recent days. The average incidence of the department is 358.99.

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