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Those arrested for the Amorebieta beating belong to a “violent gang” with a history of previous attacks

Archive image of two ertzainas

Archive image of two ertzainas

Those arrested for their alleged participation in the brutal beating of a young man in Amorebieta (Vizcaya) now number eight, five of them minors, and they belong to a “violent gang” located in Biscayan territory that has a history of previous aggressions. The Security Councilor and First Vice-Lehendakari, Josu Erkoreka, gave details this Thursday about the police operation carried out by the Ertzaintza and that it is still open, so more arrests could be made related to beating suffered at dawn on Sunday by a boy who was seriously injured.

The counselor has explained that in the absence of the investigation, the detainees could face a series of crimes, among them that of “frustrated attempt to homicide“. However, he has specified that it is necessary to wait to collect the testimonies and more evidence to have a “more solid documentary and witness support” that allows argue the crimes that may be charged to each one of them because “it is not worth just a video” to do this work, he said in relation to those who have gone viral on social networks.

“It will be necessary to see what the aggressors’ will really was, if the will was to cause an injury or went beyond, in tune with those who cheered them, and even tried to end their lives in a violent way, “he indicated.

The arrests have taken place in different towns of Vizcaya and all those allegedly implicated belong to a youth gang calling itself the Koala, which is not new and has its precedent in kids from a generation prior to those arrested who “also demonstrated violently and in groups” and now “emerge through a younger generation.” One of the arrested surrendered and the rest have been detained by the police, as indicated by Erkoreka, who has detailed that those involved all reside in Vizcaya and that some of them have been protected by the Provincial Council of that territory at some point in their lives.

Erkoreka, who has not wanted specify the hypotheses used on the origin of this beating in order not to interfere in the investigation, has stressed that these operations allow the Ertzaintza to advance in the “dismantling” of groups that exercise violence “indiscriminately” in different parts of the Basque Country.

Regarding the possibility that the aggression may have a component of hatred, the counselor has said that he prefers “not to speculate” on this issue, aware that “the idea of ​​the component of hatred is latent” in public opinion. “The investigation will shed light on this matter and that no one doubts that if a component of hate is appreciated, it will undoubtedly be present in the police actions,” he said.

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