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Those expelled from Vox will overturn the motion of censure with their three negative votes

The councilors expelled from Vox in Murcia

The councilors expelled from Vox in Murcia

The three regional deputies expelled from Vox will vote against the motion of censure presented by PP Y CS against the president of the community, Fernando López Miras, so this initiative will be overthrown in the vote scheduled for this Thursday as it does not have an absolute majority.

For the motion to prosper, which would evict the PP from power in the Region of Murcia after almost 26 years in a row, 23 votes in favor are required, of which only 17 from the PSOE are insured, the two of Podemos and two of the six seats of CS, once three defected deputies who signed the motion have announced their refusal to vote on it and the president of the Regional Assembly, Alberto Castillo, is considering abstaining.

During his intervention in the first session of the debate on the motion of censure, which is held in the Autonomous Chamber, the parliamentary spokesperson for Vox, Juan José Liarte, had limited himself to saying that there is no “closed agreement” with no group parliamentarian and that he has only spoken with “those who have wanted”, in reference to the PP. However, sources from the Vox parliamentary group have confirmed that Liarte, Mabel Campuzano and Francisco Carrera will vote tomorrow against the motion of censure, so López Miras would maintain the Presidency of the community.

After assessing that the popular have bet on their attempt to reunify the center-right in Spain, Liarte had estimated the government agreement presented before the start of the session by the PSOE and CS, although he has clarified that in the points of that document “those who would be the fruit of our commitment are missing“to support the motion, which you did not mention.

The day began with the signing of this agreement by the regional coordinator of CS and candidate in the motion of censure, Ana Martínez Vidal, and the secretary general of the PSRM-PSOE, Diego Conesa, which consists of 24 points, as a Open Government and Transparency Law, an audit of community spending, reinforcing public health and the return to presence in schools.

During the presentation of his candidacy before the plenary session, which has been marked by a great tension and the presence of the three defected councilorsMartínez Vidal has affirmed that they represent “the most unworthy of politics”, while López Miras has been told that “buying” their votes and integrating them into the regional government is “immoral”. For Martínez Vidal, this action by the PP and the deputies Isabel Franco, Valle Miguélez and Francisco Álvarez make the alternative executive that he raises with the PSOE is “indispensable”, an idea that Conesa has reinforced in the turn of intervention to defend the motion censorship. “Your government is a corrupt government; There is no greater political corruption than maintaining and trying to maintain power at any price, nor greater outrage and infamy against democracy, which represents the greatest political scandal in history, “he said, looking at López Miras.

On the contrary, López Miras has accused both of being “enemies” of Murcia for presenting an initiative to “dynamite” the PP-CS pact, which was “working well”, has pointed to Conesa for being investigated for alleged prevarication and has expressed that the institutions are “to save lives, not to rob armchairs.”

The three defected deputies have witnessed a large part of the session from the seats of the regional government, including the part in which Martínez Vidal intervened, but have been absent when the turn of the CS parliamentary spokesperson has started, Juan José Molina, who has accused them of having “spit in the face” of the voters of his party and having “sullied” the society of the Region of Murcia.

Meanwhile, the deputy of Podemos María Marín has compromised the two votes of her party in favor of the initiative, although the parliamentarians expelled from Vox support it, for “evict the party from corruption and stop the extreme right“.

For his part, the deputy of Vox Pascual Salvador, the only one not expelled from the party that remains in the group, has insisted that López Miras, if he saves the motion of censure, must convene early elections so that there is a “stable” government. However, the PP parliamentary spokesman, Joaquín Segado, has asserted that the president of the community will not advance the elections and has been “calm” regarding the sense of the vote of the deputies expelled from Vox, whose ideas are closer to those popular.

This Thursday the second and last session of this initiative will be held, in which all the groups and the alternative candidate will participate again, who will close the debate, at which time the president of the Chamber, Alberto Castillo, will set the time for the vote .

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