Thursday, May 26

Thousands of people demonstrate in London against lockdown

London Correspondent



At least 13 people were arrested this Saturday during a massive demonstration that took place in the streets of London against the confinement to which the population is subjected to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Thousands of protesters began marching around noon from Hyde Park, where the famous activist and conspiracy theorist Piers Corbyn uttered a ignition speech against vaccines In which he also assured that the number of deaths from coronavirus, which in the United Kingdom has already exceeded 125,000 since the beginning of the pandemic, is similar to that of deaths from influenza each year.

The Metropolitan Police (MET) explained that although most of the protest, in which there were a large number of agents deployed, took place peacefully, at least 13 people were arrested for violating the restrictions anti Covid-19, especially from 4 in the afternoon, when tempers began to heat up and a series of clashes followed after some protesters threw objects such as bottles and stones at the police and hit their cars.

According to the local press, the turnout, which reached thousands of people, exceeded the authorities’ expectations. “Current government legislation makes gathering in groups of more than two people illegal unless exemptions are applied. Gathering for the purpose of protesting is no exception under Covid-19 regulations. The right to protest must be balanced with the rights of others and the protection of public health, “said police sources, who on their Twitter account explained that their agents were” interacting with those who gathered around Piccadilly and other downtown areas. from London to protest ‘and explained that’ we are still in a public health crisis’ and therefore ‘urged them to disperse or go home’.

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No masks

He also participated in the march el actor Laurence Fox, that a few months ago he announced that he was leaving acting to dedicate himself to politics and that he has defended that confinements and restrictions threaten the freedom that should characterize a democracy. Shouting slogans like “Freedom, freedom” or “Boris, we are coming for you”, the protesters, most of whom were not wearing masks, marched through the main streets of the city on their way to Downing Street. Sam Grant, head of policy and campaign for the Liberty organization, stated that “in a healthy democracy, protest is a fundamental way in which we can fight for what we believe in” and added that “the current quasi-ban by the government of protests is completely unacceptable”.

Yesterday, at least 60 politicians, including several parliamentarians, sent a letter to the Interior Minister, Priti Patel, in which they showed their opposition to the “criminalization of people” for exercising their right to protest, a measure that they considered “unacceptable and possibly illegal”. The letter came just days after police were accused of disproportionately charging people who participated in the 33-year-old memorial vigil. Sarah Everard, kidnapped and murdered this month allegedly by a policeman.

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