Friday, October 15

Thousands of people “sow” the body of an indigenous leader murdered in Colombia

The funeral of Sandra Liliana Peña.

The funeral of Sandra Liliana Peña.

Nails 3,000 people They “sowed” this Friday the body of the indigenous governor Sandra Liliana Peña, murdered Last Tuesday in the hamlet of El Porvenir, in the municipality of Caldono, which belongs to the troubled Colombian department of Cauca (southwest).

Peña, governor of the La Laguna-Siberia reservation, where she was buried this Friday, was also a defender of the environment, territory and peace, linked to processes of manual eradication of coca crops that abound in that region.

The authority of the Nasa people was buried a day after the indigenous community of Cauca began a peaceful march in their memory, a day marked again by violence in which at least 22 people were injured after the armed attack of which the mobilization was the victim, apparently by alleged dissidents of the former FARC guerrilla. “We sadly bid farewell to our colleague Sandra Liliana Peña,” the Association of Indigenous Cabildos del Norte del Cauca (ACIN) regretted this Friday, rejecting the murder of the governor and the constant attack on ethnic leaders in this region of the country.

At the “sowing” of his body, as the burial is called in the Nasa tradition, the community paid tribute to Peña in the midst of traditional rituals and the 32 people who were detained yesterday by the indigenous people were also taken away. a trial tomorrow for the crime and the attacks on the communities in the area.

The international community condemns the murder

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) on Friday rejected the murder of the indigenous leader and condemned “the attack with firearms against indigenous authorities and members of the indigenous guard” that occurred yesterday. “The IACHR calls on the State of Colombia to continue investigating the facts with due diligence and to develop policies with an ethnic focus to mitigate the structural causes of violence, redoubling efforts for the comprehensive implementation of the peace agreement,” the Commission warned.

Peña was traveling on a motorcycle on Tuesday when armed men shot her and the driver, and although the crime has not been clarified, her father, Clímaco Peña, blamed “the gangsters” who had already threatened him on occasion for his work. defense of the territory and opposition to the extension of coca cultivation.

In the department of Cauca, where Caldono is located, several armed groups are active, including dissidents from the FARC, blocks of the National Liberation Army (ELN), the Clan del Golfo and other criminal gangs, who are fighting over the trips to the Pacific. the corridors to remove illegal merchandise, coca and mining operations. During this war for resources and territory, These groups kill everyone who stands in their path, including indigenous people, who remain faithful to the protection of their territory. “Faced with this crisis, we are in an inward minga, carried out autonomously, without any coordination with military forces, we are going strong against drug trafficking violence. For all our fallen comrades,” the ACIN warned.

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