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Thousands of salaries at risk for delay in defining New York’s annual budget; scandals have weakened the governor

More service cuts on the horizon?

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As if the economic crisis of the coronavirus was not serious enough, now the state of New York is behind in presenting its annual budget.

Having missed the April 1 deadline To have a budget in place for the new fiscal year, New York assembly members were still working on Friday toward an agreement with Governor Andrew Cuomo, and the The Legislature’s proposal to raise taxes on millionaires remains a key point.

Elected officials will need to act soon so that the thousands of state employees who work in health care facilities, correctional facilities, and other public institutions receive your paychecks on time next Thursday the 8th.

“We have alerted the governor and state legislature that if a state budget is not passed on Monday, around 39,000 workers states may have a delay in receiving your paychecks, ”stated state comptroller Tom DiNapoli.

Many are essential employees they have to report to work every day and put in long, hard hours. For workers who receive paper checks or have payments established in direct withdrawal, I urge you to be aware of the impact of a late budget status on your personal finances, “added the comptroller.

Another 146,000 state employees of state administrative and executive agencies expect to be paid on April 14.

Negotiations this year have also been difficult because Governor Cuomo is plagued by several scandals and leaders of his own party have asked him to resign. desde Washington DC, Albany y NYC.

Cuomo has warned that a new high-earning tax hike could drive out New Yorkers who already pay a large chunk of state tax revenue. But Democratic lawmakers, who are in the majority, say there is a lack of evidence on that argument and that more revenue is required to avoid spending cuts for years to come, once federal relief runs out.

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Two weeks ago, in a letter to Governor Cuomo and the state’s legislative Democratic leaders, 250 employers of the business group “Partnership for New York City” (PFNYC), claimed that a plan to impose the largest tax increases in the history of the region “Will jeopardize New York’s recovery of the economic crisis inflicted by COVID-19 ″.

In early March, when the 3rd federal aid package, Cuomo stated that the amount allocated to NY, although it was proportionally above the size of the state population, it was not enough and that raising taxes was still an option.

Republicans, who are in the minority in the state Assembly, argue that the spending and tax increases demanded by Democrats will further decimate the state’s still-recovering economy, he said. Associated Press.

Democrats exercise a veto-proof super majority in the Legislature and they could have more influence this year compared to previous budgets, from the growing left wing of the party, which is not akin to Cuomo.

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