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Three brothers arrested in Valencia for killing a neighbor with machetes during a fight

Policemen next to the place of the arrests.

Policemen next to the place of the arrests.
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A simple neighborhood discussion for some belongings that were in the portal, and that a supposedly conflictive neighbor threw into the street in a bad way, was the trigger that turned a farm of the Valencian neighborhood of La Esperanza-Virgen de los Desamparados in a setting typical of a Tarantino movie. The walls splattered with blood and on a floor stained red, a 41-year-old man of Spanish nationality lay lifeless and with the body shattered with machetes at the entrance of number 3 of the Cotes street in Valencia. The alleged perpetrators of his death, three brothers – aged 40, 38 and 27 years old – were detained by the National Police at the scene of the events.

A neighbor who had been in the building for a few weeks

Edgar T. G., who had barely been living in a rented room for a couple of months on one of the floors of said farm, had more than eight large wounds caused with a knife type machete, at least two of them in the head, mortal of necessity. As well as in the abdomen, the arms and the right side.

The events occurred at two o’clock on Thursday afternoon when, apparently, one of the detainees and his mother reproached their neighbor for having thrown into the street the belongings that they had left at the portal to load into their van. The neighbors explain that this family sells scrap metal and antiques in the Valencia markets and that they used to leave the merchandise on the landing, but that until now they had never had any problem with the neighborhood except with this person.

According to local sources, the victim has already had starred in other incidents on the farm and i used ton Believe and make obscene comments to women with which it crossed. “He always made a lot of scandal, with music, shouting, and when he crossed paths with the daughter of one of them, he would say ugly things to him,” argues Concha. Now, he is dead and the brothers “have sought ruin”, points out another neighbor.

Thus, the last incident with the belongings that he threw into the street, together with the previous disagreements they had had with this same neighbor, made the three brothers come to ask him for explanations. armed with at least two machetes. At this point the versions are contradictory and some maintain that one of these weapons was carried by the deceased himself. “They have acted in self-defense, one has also been taken injured,” said Diego, an acquaintance of the family.

“They have sought ruin”sobbed, hugging her aunt, the daughter of the oldest of the brothers arrested as the alleged perpetrators of the homicide. “My son was going to come down to say something to him the other night at three in the morning because he kept hitting the wall, but I told him not to go, he is very aggressive,” explains Heidi, who also describes the deceased as conflictive and as someone who treated women badly.

The Court of Instruction number 19 of Valencia authorized the lifting of the corpse after 4.30 pm. Likewise, agents of the scientific police carried out a meticulous visual inspection of the place and the Homicide group took charge of the three detainees to clarify the circumstances of the crime and the exact degree of involvement of each of the brothers, before putting them in custody. judicial disposition.

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