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Three civil guards per position to participate in the Vuelta a España

A Civil Guard motorcyclist during the skill test this morning in Mérida to be part of the Benemérita unit that will be part of this year’s Vuelta Ciclista a España. / JM ROMERO

Sixty-five agents attend today and tomorrow the selection tests at the Mérida Traffic School to be in the cycling round that leaves this year from the Netherlands

Celestino J. Vinegar

The Vuelta Ciclista a España chooses its guardians in Extremadura. The Mobile Road Safety Unit (UMSV) of the Civil Guard, which puts the motorcyclists who will control the Spanish round on the asphalt, selects twenty agents at the Mérida Traffic School who will form that unit this year. Today and tomorrow, in that training center located in the El Prado neighborhood of Merida, the selection tests are held for the civil guards who aspire to be part of the UMSV between August 19 and September 11. These are the start dates, from the Dutch city of Utrecht, and arrival, in Madrid, of the 77th edition of the Vuelta a España. The round, which has a 3,274 kilometer route, has two finals this year in Extremadura.

There are 65 agents who will carry out the tests -psychotechnical test, theoretical exam, ability test and, finally, a personal interview- to qualify for those 20 places. Therefore, a third of the UMSV is renewed. Among the candidates, who come from almost all parts of the country, there are two women motorcyclists. And among the 65 applicants there is an Extremaduran, according to the armed institute.

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“Last year 70 agents showed up. This year, 65. More or less the figure does not vary much each year. This year we have the most relevant novelty that we will be three days outside of Spain, in the Netherlands. And again Extremadura will have a special role, with two high arrivals and three stages in the region, ”Lieutenant Javier Barja, head of communication for that Civil Guard unit, confirms to TODAY. All applicants must be, except in exceptional cases, under 45 years of age and have completed at least 9,000 kilometers on a motorcycle in the last year.

The selection tests that have begun to be carried out this morning at the Traffic School of the Extremaduran capital consist, to begin with, of a theoretical examination of knowledge of the specialty, sporting events and various road safety legislation. At the same time, a psychotechnical test is carried out, which analyzes the aptitudes and personality profile of each agent.

Also a fundamental part to be chosen is to overcome the skill exercise in motorcycle driving. About ten examiners take notes and evaluate. On BMW motorcycles model 1,200 rt, the agents have carried out, visually, the most striking examination between cones: zig zag between milestones; describe curves and countercurves drawing a trefoil in limited space; describe continuous 360-degree turns to the right in limited space; overcome an obstacle at 40 km/hour; stop, start and ramp acceleration and changes of direction in confined spaces.

Finally, the assessment of each motorcyclist to be part of the UMSV is completed through a personal interview.

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Applicants to be part of the Road Safety Unit, before the skill exercise. /


What is going to be done is to select 20 members of the ranks of non-commissioned officers, corporals and civil guards, “who have the ideal profile to face the work entrusted to the Civil Guard in an event of the importance of the Vuelta 2022 ». The fundamental task of this unit of the Civil Guard, recalls Barja, is to provide security and mobility to the runners of the Vuelta, to the organization, support and advertising caravan vehicles and to guarantee road safety to the rest of the users affected by the development of the event.

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