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Three companies choose to put the Christmas lighting when raising the budget

A palm tree with municipal lighting

A palm tree with municipal lighting
Antonio Amorós

Elche seems closer to having Christmas lighting with less than a month left until the start of the Christmas campaign. Three companies aspire to install lighting in the historic center and districts after the City Council raised the budget in 24.000 euros. In October, the date on which it had already begun to be installed last year, the municipal government made a first attempt to contract the lights for 60,800 euros but the tender was abandoned.

Now the budget to set these areas is 84.700 euros and this increase responds to the need to “make the contract more attractive”, according to the mayor of Fiestas Mariola Galiana, who considers that the Christmas lights are intended to “combat the sadness generated by the pandemic, encourage purchases in the center and be consistent to Plaça de Baix and the pedestrian Corredora ».

On this occasion, in addition to increasing the budget, the City Council has had to make other adjustments to re-tender the lights. On the one hand, instead of installing a 15-meter cone in Plaza de Baix, the contract now calls for it to be of eight meters and also eliminates the placement of 20 arches in Cristóbal Sanz street, which had been included by mistake at first.

With all this, the City Council plans to place, according to the specifications, a total of 112 arcos distributed between Plaça de Baix, Reina Victoria, Corredora, Puente Ortices, Puerta de Alicante, Maestro Albéniz, Plaza del Congreso Eucharistic, Eres de Santa Llucia, Uberna, Blasco Ibáñez and Jorge Juan.

Installation on a tree Antonio Amorós

Added to this are the cones in the Paseo de la Estación and 3D elements in the Plaza de Congreso, in addition to the decoration of the façade of the Town Hall and trees in the Plaça de Baix. In this contract of 84,700 euros, the City Council also includes 55 arches in the districts: Torrellano (Segarra avenue and San Crispín square), El Altet (San Francisco de Asís street), La Hoya (San Antonio de Padua), La Marina (avenida de la Alegría), Arenales (Avenida de San Bartolomé de Tirajana), Perleta, Matola, Valverde and Las Bayas.

Once the deadline for submitting bids was closed yesterday, in the next few days the technicians will review the documentation of the aspiring companies to be able to award the contract, and the government team trusts in being able to reach the Constitution bridge with the lighting installed, according to the mayor of Contracting, Héctor Díez.

While in a good part of the province the lighting is already in place, municipal officials attribute this year’s delay in the installation to the fact that, on the one hand, the contract is new (in 2019 it was an extension) and that in the October tender they found errors in the documentation.

The commercial hubs will also have special lighting worth 37,800 euros, whose contract has already been awarded. In total, spending on lights this year will exceed 120,000 euros.

A sphere, a cube and a luminous train to be more modern

Parties buy more lights to decorate emblematic points of the center for 16,400 euros

Elche wants to shine more at Christmas and wants to do it with more modern decoration. It is one of the reasons why the City Council is going to buy new material this year to decorate emblematic points of the center, still unspecified. It is a walkable luminous sphere and cube and a luminous color train, worth 16,429 euros. This type of lighting is in addition to the one that will be installed in the historic center, districts and commercial hubs through the rental of supplies and municipal-owned lights that are mounted on trees, palm trees and churches every year. With these acquisitions, the Department of Festivities seeks to make the lighting more attractive, in a similar way to what was done last Christmas in the square of the Eucharistic Congress with the Christmas tree ball, which became a claim and there was even queues for group photos.

For the purchase of this material, the City Council last week put out the contract to tender, through a simplified open procedure, with a five-day period to receive offers (with contracts of these amounts, the government team is used to asking for three budgets, as the mayor of Contracting, Héctor Díez, recalled yesterday).

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