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Three deceased and 81 more infected in residences in Mutxamel, Elche and Dénia

A health vehicle, during the weekend, parked in front of the Mutxamel residence affected by the covid outbreak.  |  ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ

A health vehicle, during the weekend, parked in front of the Mutxamel residence affected by the covid outbreak. | ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ

The residences continue to accumulate outbreaks by covid-19. The latest positives that have transpired affect centers for the elderly in Mutxamel, Elche and Dénia, and there are three deaths and 81 infected. A Mutxamel residence has registered an outbreak with 48 positives for covid, Three of the affected elderly died. Sources close to the Ministry of Health indicated that two of them had a very delicate health situation and that at first it cannot be directly attributed to the virus, although they tested positive. Likewise, from the center they stressed that these people would have died in any way, since their condition was very serious.

Despite this, the family of one of the deceased assured this media that this resident had a perfect state of health, without any previous pathology, and that they have been transferred from Health that has been as a consequence of the contagion.

This outbreak was detected in late December and is initially under control. On Friday there was only one elderly man hospitalized, and it was for having suffered a heart attack. From the management of the center they stressed that every day Public Health attends the facilities, and that everything indicates that the virus was introduced through an employee who had a low-grade fever at home, for which PCR was performed and gave positive.

The balance has been that 37 of the 38 elderly inmates at the Julia residence, located in Los Girasoles, very close to San Vicente, have been infected, where many of them are also from. Similarly, 11 of the employees have also been infected.

This outbreak has triggered the incidence of covid-19 in Mutxamel, which according to data from the Ministry of Health on January 7 has 96 positives in the last 14 days, with a very high incidence of 378.67 infected per 100,000 inhabitants in two weeks. Currently it is by far the highest figure for the region of l’Alacantí, followed by Sant Joan with 61 positives and an incidence of 255.07. The positive is that since many of the infections are concentrated in this mutxamel residence, it is a very localized outbreak and whose control is easier.

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On the other hand, fifteen users of the Altabix residence, in Elche, tested positive for antigens between Saturday night and Sunday, according to information collected from health sources. Yesterday morning, the families of those admitted did not officially know this information, As confirmed by the Association for the Rights and Welfare of the Elderly, which had planned to file a complaint yesterday in the duty court, Instruction number 5, after not having a response from Public Health about what is happening and seeing that the lack of personnel to attend to the sick is not being covered. In fact, this is not the only residence that does not find nurses in the province, since the same has happened in one of Santa Pola.

So far, in the Elche residence, 24 cases have been declared among the elderly admitted, which are 107, and 14 among the staff. The tests have been carried out by the concession company on its own initiative after, according to sources from the Association, Public Health will refuse for now and would prefer to wait a few more days to repeat them. At least three illicit residences will not be able to be vaccinated against covid because they have positive cases.

The first eight positives among the users were recorded in a shot made on December 29 (local holiday) through PCR. As will be recalled, until January 5, a week later, it was not carried out to the staff working in the residence, which resulted in up to 15 more positives, one of them, to another user. They had to leave work and here the problems worsened because during those days they were supposedly able to pass the coronavirus to other admitted. On the list there were nurses, assistants, cleaning or kitchen personnel, some of these have not been able to cover themselves due to lack of health personnel without work. Last Saturday, after pressure from family members, an antigen test was performed. According to the sources consulted, this is only positive when the viral load is high. Fortunately, there is no record that anyone has had to be admitted to hospital for now.

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Likewise, the PCR tests carried out on all users and workers of the Santa Llúcia de Dénia residence have allowed the detection of a coronavirus outbreak with 28 positives, of which 18 are residents of the center and the remaining 10 members of the staff, according to sources from the Dianense City Council. The suspicion of the outbreak took place on Thursday, following a positive from a worker. For another 21 people, the result of their PCR has been “indeterminate”, so it was planned that the tests would be repeated on Sunday.


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