Monday, September 27

Three detainees, one of them a minor, for the assault on two twins in Cabo de Palos

A moment of the arrest, in a photo provided by the Civil Guard.

A moment of the arrest, in a photo provided by the Civil Guard.

The Civil Guard of the Region of Murcia has carried out in Cabo de Palos Operation ‘Amoladeras’, an investigation initiated to clarify an attack resulting in injuries, robbery with violence and damage to the vehicle, which has resulted, so far, with the identification, location and arrest of three of the alleged perpetrators of the eventsreports the Corps.

The events took place early last Sunday, July 18, in Cabo de Palos, Cartagena’s municipality, when, apparently, a group of young people rebuked two other people and later attacked them, causing injuries, and stole various effects. personnel they were carrying at that moment and caused damage to the vehicle of one of the victims.

When the Benemérita received the notice of the aggression, it dispatched several Citizen Security Prevention patrols that were close to the place and detected a concentration of a group of young people and the two attacked, so at that moment they attended to the victims and opened the correspondent investigation to clarify the facts.

From the first investigations carried out, it appears that the events occurred when the victims, two brothers, they were driving one of their vehicles down a street in the town and they came across a group of people who were consuming drinks on the street and interrupting the free movement of vehicles.

One of the brothers reproached these people for their actions and a discussion began That turned into a physical attack on both brothers, as well as the theft of the backpack that one of them was carrying and, later, the breakage of the rear window of the vehicle in which they were driving. Some events that have generated a certain social alarm and have had a great impact on social networks and the media, according to the Government Delegation.

After collecting all possible evidence at the scene, the Civil Guard has continued with the investigation, which has had the valuable collaboration of citizens and, also in this case, of social networks.

As a result of the investigation, the Benemérita identified several of the alleged perpetrators of the events and then established a search device on the suspects that has culminated in the location and arrest of three young people, one of them a minor, as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of injuries, robbery and vehicle damage.

The Civil Guard continues with the development of the operation in order to fully clarify the criminal acts, not ruling out new arrests.

The detainees and the proceedings carried out have been made available to the Investigating Court of Cartagena and the Murcia Prosecutor’s Office for Minors.

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