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Three fleets of ClubSwan monotypes will compete in the 39 Copa del Rey Mapfre




ClubSwan is the competition division for one-design models manufactured by the prestigious Finnish shipyard Nautor’s Swan. He joined the Copa del Rey Mapfre in 2017 with the ClubSwan 42 and the world debut in competition of the ClubSwan 50, classes that return this year together with the premiere of the revolutionary ClubSwan 36 to form an extraordinary fleet of 38 teams from 13 nationalities, more than a third of the total fleet of this 39th edition. Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Great Britain, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Monaco, Romania, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland will be represented by ClubSwan monotypes in the Bay of Palma.

“Having such a large fleet and the quality of the ClubSwan is an honor and a guarantee of a sporting spectacle”, explains Vivi Mainemare, RCNP sports coordinator. “Their status as one-design makes the races much tighter and more eye-catching”.

ClubSwan 50

The ClubSwan 50 was presented during the 2016 Copa del Rey Mapfre as the first Juan Kouyoumdjian design for Nautor’s Swan. Its 15.25-meter-long hull is distinguished by a peculiar inverted bow surmounted by a boom, and on deck it raises a mast almost 20 meters high. In its fourth consecutive participation it will bring together 16 teams of eight nationalities. Pablo Garriga’s Tenaz will be the only Spanish representative against teams from Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Russia and Switzerland. The Cuordileone by Lenardo Ferragamo defends its title, and among its rivals there will be no shortage of the most successful boat in the class in the waters of Palma, the Earlybird by Henrik Brandis, runner-up in 2019 and champion in 2018 and 2017.

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ClubSwan 42

The ClubSwan 42 is a 42.6 feet long (13 meters) boat designed by German Frers and presented in 2006 to be sailed by eminently amateur crews. For its fourth Copa del Rey, Mapfre as a class summons eleven teams of seven nationalities (Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Great Britain and Romania). The Romanian Natalia de Natalia Brailou defends the title against rivals of the stature of the champion of the 2017 and 2018 editions, the Spanish Pez de Abril de José María Meseguer.

ClubSwan 36

The history of ClubSwan 36 is closely linked to the RCNP. The revolutionary one-design designed by Juan Kouyomdjian made its world debut in competition during the Nations Trophy held in October 2019 at the Palma club, and this year it returns to form its own class for the first time in the Copa del Rey Mapfre. With a length of 11 meters, the ClubSwan 36 incorporates an innovative C-shaped retractable foil that optimizes its stability and is designed to be navigated by six or seven crew members. “It is a modern boat, very different and technically complicates the organization of the one-design field since it has very different characteristics depending on the winds, but at the same time it is a beautiful challenge for the organization at sea,” says Mainemare. Its debut attracts eleven teams of six nationalities (Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Monaco, Russia and Sweden).

The three Nautor’s Swan classes will compete in a maximum of 11 windward / leeward events between Monday, August 2, and Saturday, August 7. The 39 Copa del Rey MAPFRE will serve as the third scoring round for the ClubSwan one-design European circuit: The Nations League Med.

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Not just monotypes

The participation of Swan vessels in the 39 Copa del Rey Mapfre transcends the three classes of ClubSwan monotypes. Among the BMW ORC fleets, another two ClubSwan 42 and up to five Swan 45s will compete (including the Porrón IX by Luis Senís, 2019 Swan 45 class champion, and the Rats on Fire by Rafael Carbonell, BMW ORC 1 champion in 2017), which brings the representation of the Finnish shipyard to 45 vessels. “I have always liked the Copa del Rey and I have seen it as a great reference point in my navigation for decades”, explains Leonardo Ferragamo, president of Nautor Group. “The fact that this regatta is now becoming a benchmark for a great community of Swan owners who share the same enthusiasm is like a dream come true.”

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