Sunday, December 3

Three journalists are killed every week in the world since the beginning of 2022

Thirty-eight journalists were killed in 15 countries in the first three months of the year, which represents three communicators killed in violent circumstances each weekdenounced today the NGO Press Emblem Campaign, which militates for the protection of journalists.

These figures are significantly higher than those recorded in the same period last year, when a total of fifteen were killed.

The worsening of the security situation for journalists is attributed to the ukrainian war and crime in Mexico, says the entity.

The war in Ukraine has already claimed the lives of nine journalists and about twenty have been injured. In addition, at least ten others have been arrested.

In Mexico, the number of journalists killed since the beginning of the year is practically equal to the total number of deaths in all of 2021.

Protect the collective

The president of the NGO, the Swiss journalist Blaise Lampen, asked the parties to the conflict to protect the group so that it fulfills its mission and that each death be independently investigated to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

“The authorities must fight much more firmly against impunity and more actively search for those responsible for these murders and their sponsors,” he continued.

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Other countries where journalists died violently were Haiti, India, Pakistan, Yemen, Brazil, Chad, the United States, the Philippines, Guatemala, Honduras, Kazakhstan, Burma and Turkey.

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