Thursday, January 28

Three Kings twice

Families with the Three Kings in the Rotunda of the Municipal Park and access controls.  |  MathiasSSerraA

Families with the Three Kings in the Rotunda of the Municipal Park and access controls. | MathiasSSerraA

Christmas is a magical time when anything can happen, and more this time. The colorful and sonorous parades only have a place in the memory since the covid-19 pandemic changed all the schemes and suppressed the hubbub and crowds for controlled spaces with capacity and prior appointment. A few days ago Elche handed over the keys to the city to Santa Claus, who settled in l’Hort de Baix until the three Wise Men arrived from the East, sooner than expected to occupy their thrones in this same idyllic space of the Elche palm grove.

There were so many requests from relatives to take photos with them and send letters of wishes that the online reservation system was already saturated as soon as it started up. The Department of Parties assumed that no child could stay without seeing the Kings and extended hours.

However, the initiative has gone further and the Three Wise Men, as if by magic, also began to receive families simultaneously yesterday from the Municipal Park Rotunda. This iconic space opened at 10 am until noon as well as in the afternoon, although the gusts of wind dampened some of the passes. This visit is scheduled to take place until next January 5.

Today, Sunday, it will be only in the morning from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., while on Monday the 4th and Tuesday the 5th the activities will be in the morning and in the afternoon from 4 to 8 p.m.

At the beginning of this day there was some expectation with large queues in which the health protocol was respected. This place can only be accessed by appointment. The assistants of the Magi took the temperature of the attendees and in the enclosure chairs have been arranged that are grouped for two, three and four people, in order, therefore, to respect safety distances. You must wear a mask at all times.

Every hour and when everyone is in their places, the Kings of the East and characters from the Disney world animate the audience with performances. At that time the letters can also be deposited in the Royal Mailbox set up for the occasion. Toys can also be delivered for a solidarity initiative organized at the municipal level and by festive entities.

As explained from the Consistory, appointments to participate in this activity can be obtained on the website of the City Council. Yesterday at the close of this edition, all the passes for today, Sunday, were already sold out in the same way as those for most of the 5th, taking into account that being a holiday, family members have greater availability.

In l’Hort de Baix all the reserves are already full since last December 28 the kings and royal pages settled in the area. At the municipal level, they have had more resources so that the maximum number of families could meet with Gaspar, Melchor and Baltasar.

For this reason, from the Department of Parties they also ask responsibility to those interested since they point out that just to see Santa Claus more than 2,000 users made reservations and then did not attend, without canceling the appointment, so there were families who were left out.

Three Kings twice

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