Tuesday, May 17

Three minors under guardianship in Melilla arrested for trying to rob their educator at knife point

Outside the CETI of Melilla.

Outside the CETI of Melilla.

The Civil Guard has arrested three minors taken in at the La Purísima Center for trying to rob an educator at the center with a knife, while three other young people from Melilla have also been detained for another violent robbery of a downtown resident temporary stay of immigrants (CETI), who was dragged several meters with a car to snatch the money he was carrying after asking for a cigarette.

As reported by a spokesman for the Command, the Civil Guard has carried out these two actions in the field of citizen security with the result of the arrest of six people as alleged perpetrators of robbery with violence resulting in injuries and threats with a knife.

The first of the criminal acts occurred on February 25, 2021 in the vicinity of the temporary immigrant center, when a vehicle stopped in its vicinity and the driver of the same went to an adult man asking him for a cigarette.

The man, who turned out to be a resident of said center, at the time of approaching the vehicle and offering him the cigarette without saying a word was grabbed by his arm by one of the occupants trying to snatch the money he was carrying and dragged several meters at high speed. The man fell in the middle of the road, being stunned and in pain, where he was helped by several witnesses who were at the scene.

The victim, 30 years old and of Moroccan nationality, was assisted by the health services with a diagnosis of polyconstusions, without requiring hospital admission.

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The Civil Guard, with the manifestations and physical description provided by the victim and eyewitnesses, and after viewing the CETI security cameras, identified and located the vehicle with which the victim was dragged.

At the same time, The victim and witnesses were shown a series of photographs in which they clearly recognized three of the aggressors and vehicle occupants.

On March 16, the Civil Guards who carried out the investigation located and detained three young people, who are charged with the crime of robbery with violence resulting in injuries.

The detainees are three men of Spanish nationality, residing in the city and aged 19, 20 and 21, who have gone to court for the charges against them.

Violent robbery

On the other hand, on Wednesday, March 17, Civil Guard patrols were commissioned to the La Purísima Youth Center, where an educator from the center reported having been the victim of an attempted robbery and threats with a large knife, recognizing three resident minors as alleged perpetrators.

From the actions and descriptions provided, the alleged perpetrators were arrested. In the presence of the victim, one of the minors was found hidden behind his clothes, a metal object with the shape of a hook that the victim recognized as the knife with which they intimidated him.

The alleged perpetrators, minors residing in La Purísima, two of them 16 years old and the one who was hiding the 17-year-old weapon, are charged with the crime of robbery with violence and intimidation and threats with a knife. The three young people have passed to the disposition of the Juvenile Prosecutor of the city.

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