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Three murders reported in Puerto Rico amid police strike on the island

Puerto Rico police officers monitor a protest against LUMA Energy in San Juan on October 15.

Puerto Rico police officers monitor a protest against LUMA Energy in San Juan on October 15.

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SAN JUAN – The Puerto Rico Police reported this Saturday three murders, two of them by bullet, occurred in the cities of San Juan and Fajardo in the last hours, coinciding with a strike by the uniformed.

The first of the cases took place in the Río Piedras neighborhood, where the body of an unidentified man was found.

According to the statement, Río Piedras firefighters came to extinguish a fire and found a charred body with its hands tied and lying on a mattress in a wooded area used as a landfill.

At the crime scene there were around eleven bushings of different gauges.

Prosecutor Alfredo Carrión Orlandi, from the San Juan Prosecutor’s Office, ordered the removal and transfer of the body to the Institute of Forensic Sciences, while the investigation continues.

Also in San Juan, this time in the Barrio Obrero, a man was shot to death on Friday night. The victim, identified as Chistian Leonardo Ostolaza Maldonado, 28, from San Juan, had multiple gunshot wounds.

Agents found Ostolaza’s lifeless body on the pavement and lifted at the scene about 17 .223 caliber bushings.

On the other hand, in Fajardo, the Police are investigating a murder reported today in the Mansión del Sapo community.

Officials from the Fajardo district found the body of Axel R. Ocasio Díaz, 25, with several bullet wounds on the pavement.

Crimes are reported in the middle of a day of absenteeism in the Puerto Rico Police

The crimes of the last hours coincide with days of absenteeism from work by the State Police of the Caribbean island in protest of their retirement conditions.

The Police Bureau estimated that about 1,900 officers were absent from their jobs at the Puerto Rico headquarters this Friday, a strike that will last all weekend and that has left the barracks practically empty.

Faced with this situation, several municipalities in Puerto Rico decreed a state of emergency through executive orders that, among other measures, suspended drafts and extended the work shifts of the municipal police.

The absence of state troops responds to a call for protest against the precarious situation faced by the agents since they never contributed to Social Security and are retiring with pensions equivalent to 35% of their highest salary and without a medical plan.

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