Thursday, June 30

Three points against the wind for the Hercules

From the enraged wind with which the autonomous city woke up, not even the coin in the air that the referee threw to distribute lots was freed. A vague procedure most of the time. Not yesterday. Raúl Ruiz decided and chose field. He did it to play the first half with Levante in favor. The captain was not mistaken.

Thanks to that, a inappetent throw-in by Diego Jiménez from the right wing he ended up with the ball in the boots of César de Moreno, who, on the left, tried to gain meters without luck. He watched Aketxe in front of him and put a ball into space, behind the center back. The ball, which came off his foot hard, slowed down before reaching the baseline. The Basque, an example of leadership that acquires firmness with the sum of minutes, did not give it up for lost and went to bother. In the fight with Sergio Chica – who apparently had surpassed him for speed and was confident – the Biscayan sliced ​​the leather with his spur, oriented it and took three steps to obtain a minimum angle without losing sight of the goalkeeper, on the ground of nobody while protesting is not sure what. The lack of zeal of Manolo Herrero’s two footballers “rewarded” Aketxe with a very subtle Vaseline that, almost suspended in the air, found Ballesté’s net: 0-1, and Bilbao’s fifth target in the League.

The blue and white goal ruined the initial approach of the Jaen coach, convinced that, with three central centers, there would be no misunderstandings. Ahead on the scoreboard, the substantial tactical positioning on the turf of Alicante neutralized any hint of reaction. Melilla, without being able to circulate quickly, found it impossible to reach Adrián’s area with long balls that floated far from the goal.

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The footballers congratulate their teammate Carlos David after the 0-2. LOF

Minute 41. Corner. Sergio Mora makes an indication. Aketxe and Álex Martínez flank the ball. The striker almost scored an Olympic goal right out of the box. The Melilla goalkeeper remembers it and takes extreme precautions so that it does not happen again. Isaac plays the distraction, with his eyes he looks for his teammates in the distance but plays short for the side, right next to him. Pedro Sánchez goes off the hook to offer them an easy exit and, as soon as he receives it, while the rival defense considers the action dead, he takes advantage of the boat to, with a semi-volley, return the leather to the heart of the area, where Carlos David appears free of mark and sign the 0-2.

Impossible to dream of a better outcome. With hardly any possession, but with everything else under control – the spaces, the individual duels, the losses, the unforced errors, always far from the area of ​​influence, the strategy – Hercules came to rest with a lot of advanced work. Still, he had work left. Herrero eliminated the central defender who underestimated Aketxe and made up for his attack with Romero. The wind was playing against Hercules now, as were the nerves. With such a favorable income, Mora saw fit to delay his first line of defense to the middle block.

Melilla won time to think and, above all, to squeeze the vertical game, the most direct to try to come back. The ball, which had taken an hour without Adrián having to go out to meet him, began to frequent the vicinity of the goalkeeper, starting nine days later due to the injury of his teammate Jesús.

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Adrián López saves the penalty that Iker throws. LOF

On one of those trips, Bikoro is late to help and knocks down Iker Hernández from behind. Penalty. While everyone protests, César Moreno walks towards his goalkeeper. He talks to him, calms him down, encourages him, whispers in his ear “you’re going to stop him.” Melilla’s own nine takes a run from eleven meters, hits hard with Eolo on his side and Adrián, who guesses his intention, stretches, tenses his arm, his hand, disrupts the action and Gives Hercules an extra life. The successive rejections after the stop did not end in the network either. Collective sigh. General relief. Back to start … and there is half an hour.

With the blue and white defense already sunk, the siege of Melilla gained in intensity. Fran Núñez, who was left without a place in Mora’s team on the last day of the transfer market, was invisible yesterday. Hererro took him out of the field to enter Mohamed Chabboura. He was totally right. The Spanish winger carried the full weight of his team’s attack. He did everything well, until extracting a corner from another play that seemed sterile.

Andrés points with his arm and takes out the first stick. There, he combs Del Campo with his head and surprises the Alicante defense, piled up just behind. The leather picks up and reaches the forehead of Delmonte who, unopposed, scores while Diego falls on his back: 1-2, and 15 minutes to go, including added time. The bittersweet aroma of the tie reached the stands, but Adrián said no, better on another occasion. He ruined a heads up to Del Campo and gave three points to the Hercules, who adds the fourth victory away from home.

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No institutional support: no member of the board in the box

Savings policy brought to a halt. For the first time in a long time, very much, Hercules had no institutional representation in the stadium box. The blue and white expedition was not accompanied by any manager in the almost three days that it remained in Melilla. Savings were prioritized and image was neglected. There were no blue and white fans either.

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