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Three sinkholes star in the municipal anger in Badajoz

The excavation that has been stopped since March on Europa Avenue. / C. MORENO

The PSOE denounces delays in fixing these holes, but Urban Planning assures that the necessary procedures are followed

Natalia Reigadas

Summer is full of holes in Badajoz. The sinkholes of Castelar, Europa Avenue and Menacho Street are the focus of the municipal anger. The PSOE assures that the lack of diligence delays the repairs while the government group defends that it is the procedures and the deadlines that determine the arrangements.

The last brawl broke out this Wednesday around Menacho street. The spokesman for the PSOE in the City Council, Ricardo Cabezas, visited this commercial artery with neighbors and merchants who are protesting because a section has been cut off for five months due to the failure of a collector. “This cannot be allowed and less with the precedents that have already existed in other areas. It could not be that we are in that debate about who is responsible for paying this damage, the community of residents, the City Council… », he lamented.

However, the councilor for Urbanism, Carlos Urueña, explained that the municipal officials cannot carry out the work on their own. The mayor details that on February 18 the residents of the responsible community requested permission to fix their connection and the main collector that was affected by this pipe. It is a conflict that goes back a long way because in 2017 a court determined that it was the community that should fix the connection, and not the City Council.

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Heads with the merchants who ask for Menacho’s settlement. /


On May 19, seeing that the works had not started, the City Council demanded that they start urgently. “As no action has been carried out, we will start the repair shortly and then they will have to pay the cost of the actions,” Urueña details. The councilor adds that, in no case can they intervene before meeting the deadlines or the neighbors could refuse to pay.

This same Tuesday, the PSOE also protested in front of the sinkhole on Europa Avenue. In this street the City Council was excavating to install an island with six underground containers, but they found archaeological remains and had to stop the reform.

Ricardo Cabezas assured that the Consistory of Badajoz had not requested the necessary permission to cover the hole. Carlos Urueña categorically denies this fact and blames the Junta de Extremadura for the delay.

Urban Planning assures that the delay in covering the hole in Europa Avenue is due to the Board not giving the necessary permission

The Councilor for Urbanism indicates that the City Council, through the concessionary company for the work, made a report of the remains found and presented it to the Patrimony of the Junta de Extremadura in mid-June. “And it couldn’t be done before because we asked for permission to enter on April 19 and they didn’t give it to us until May 17.”

Since mid-June, municipal officials have been waiting for permission to intervene, “but we have no answer,” laments the head of Urban Planning, who recognizes that it is a risk to have open land on this central avenue. “At the end of July, as they did not answer, we asked to continue the excavation on the side where there are no remains and to be able to continue with the other buried islands, but there is no answer either.”

The third sinkhole that has caused friction is the one that opened in Castelar three weeks ago that was about to swallow a car.

The PSOE blamed the government group for the incident. He assured that it is due to the scarce municipal investment to renew the water network.

However, the municipal officials explained that this hole was formed by the failure of an irrigation pipe, not a regular supply, and that it could not be detected because it was small and moved the earth slowly.

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