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THROAT PAIN REMEDIES | Five homemade tricks against sore throats

Home remedies to end a sore throat.

Home remedies to end a sore throat.
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With the arrival of autumn temperatures cool and thermal fluctuations throughout the day can cause us throat pain. Discomfort in this sensitive area can lead to tonsillitis, pharyngitis or a simple cold. If you feel throat irritation we recommend that you follow these home remedies for a sore throat. Son natural treatments for the sore throat that you can prepare with products that you normally have at home. In addition, they are harmless, so you don’t lose anything by trying them before resorting to more drastic measures such as medication or going to the doctor.

What to take for a sore throat

If you feel a severe sore throat Take one infusion warm with honey. There are multitudes of medicinal plants that will help you in this purpose but we are going to recommend three that are very easy to find in any supermarket and that you can have at home for any other time.

Infusions for a sore throat

  1. Green tea. Among other properties of green tea, it should be noted that it is rich in antioxidants and has natural anti-inflammatory properties so it will immediately relieve the tonsil pain.
  2. Chamomile. ANDIt is one of the most popular and well-known infusions. Its anti-inflammatory properties will help reduce inflammation and redness in the throat. In addition, taking an infusion of chamomile with honey and lemon helps you lubricate your throat immediately.
  3. Thyme. Third, we include the thyme infusion. This plant will calm the discomfort in your throat and the cough. Drink it hot and with honey and the juice of half a lemon to enhance its calming effects.
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The best home remedies to instantly relieve a sore throat

Honey with lemon for a sore throat

If what you have is sore throat swallowing food take a glass of natural lemon juice with a good spoonful of honey. This mixture, in addition to providing a large dose of vitamin C to your body, will also immediately calm the pain and soften the entire area so that swallowing food does not suppose you an ordeal.

Eating honey will relieve throat discomfort

Gargle against the pain of angina

Another direct and home remedy to decrease the angina pain is to do gargle with salt water. Put water and a tablespoon of salt in a glass and gargle with the mixture for a few seconds. Then spit. You can repeat the operation up to three times a day.

Drink lots of water to soothe your throat

We will never tire of praising the benefits that drinking water has for our body. In the case of a sore throat, water helps you keep the area hydrated and prevent it from becoming too dry. They also serve soups.

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Take a hot bath

The discomfort in the tonsils will be reduced with the help of a hot bath. The steam from the water will hydrate the area and reduce the sensation of pain and dryness.

If after putting these into practice recommendations against sore throat You continue to feel discomfort, it will be time to take another step and go to your doctor.

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