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Through tears the teenager Kyle Rittenhouse assured that he did not want to kill anyone

Kyle Rittenhouse admitted shooting one of his two victims four times, but argued that he did so in self-defense.

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El joven Kyle Rittenhouse, accused of killing in August 2020 – when he was 17– He claimed to two people during the race riots in Wisconsin on Wednesday that he shot in self-defense, during his testimony before the court that is trying him.

I didn’t want to kill anyone, I wanted to stop the people who were attacking me ”, Rittenhouse said in response to a question from prosecutor Thomas Binger about whether he intended to kill everyone he shot.

The young man is being prosecuted for allegedly killing two people during the chaos in Kenosha (Wisconsin) after African American Jacob Blake was shot in the back by a police officer, who was left paraplegic.

That episode sparked a wave of protests against police brutality with the black community., and two days later Rittenhouse, a white race, killed two protesters in the same city on August 25 and wounded a third.

Rittenhouse admitted to using “deadly force” against his alleged victims that night.

The young man indicated that one of the deceased, Joseph Rosenbaum, threw him a bag and a chain, and that he heard a person who was with him saying “catch him, kill him.”

At that time, according to the account of Rittenhouse, the then teenager, who was running, heard a shot behind him, as Rosenbaum chased him.

“As I turned around, Mr. Rosembaum was coming towards me with his hands outstretched, I remember his hand on the barrel of my gun,” said the defendant, who acknowledged that he fired four times at the victim.

Rittenhouse, who was residing in the state of Illinois at the time, He faces five charges, including first degree murder and attempted first degree murder, and has pleaded not guilty. If convicted, he could face 60 years in prison.

The hearing on Wednesday had to be suspended for a few minutes after the young man burst into tears when he described the night of the incident.

At another point in his statement, Rittenhouse explained that he preferred to buy an AR-15 rifle, rather than a pistol, because he felt that he could not legally have one in his possession and because he believed that an AR-15 would look “cool” ( in Spanish cool, chido, chévere or bacán).

The Prosecutor’s Office maintains that Rittenhouse’s actions constitute a homicide, but his lawyers allege that he opened fire in self-defense.

The prosecution has characterized the young man as a “teenage vigilante” who traveled from Illinois to Kenosha with an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle to join other armed people who saw themselves as guardians of local businesses.

The incident took place amid clashes between groups of armed civilians and protesters from the “Black Lives Matter” movement in Kenosha.

Then-President Donald Trump defended Rittenhouse, a supporter of the now ex-president, and refused to meet with Blake’s family.

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